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  1. The old man in his prime. Perhaps this is why he can't remember anything these days.
  2. IMO, if they played on the team they should be celebrated as part of that team. To ask them to play up, (presumably it is their option) and then not give them credit for doing so is very weak "administration". Now, this all assumes the players called up actually contributed to the team. Moving up and primarily sitting the bench, all just for the personal experience, probably doesn't count.
  3. 1A: Beechwood 2A: Mayfield 3A: Corbin 4A: Frank-Simp 5A: Cov Cath 6A: Male
  4. Purely based upon those stats, it looks like Roberts (Senior) has been the better QB thus far. But, that's not what you asked. No slam on Cam (Sophomore), but I think Pikeville has the better QB on Friday. Yet, BHS has the better team, coming out with the win.
  5. The Tiger's future is bright, no doubt. Their Freshman class has a ton of talent. The coaches do seem to work hard to get some freshman in as early as they can. But, don't fool yourself, not every kid got into this game.
  6. "Logan Castleman does everything, but sell popcorn at halftime." You sure??? I thought I saw him behind the counter while the band was playing. Oh well, could have been his old man. They look a lot alike:-)
  7. "Logan Castleman does everything, but sell popcorn at halftime." Are you sure?? I thought I saw him behind the counter while the band was playing. Oh well, could have been his old man. They look a lot alike
  8. Parker Mason at Beechwood is a game changer. Runs fearless and usually with several defenders chasing him. Brett Holladay, his QB, is throwing very well this year. Strong arm on that kid and he moves well on his own.
  9. How did this one turn out? HHS ended Beechwood Frosh's 1 1/2 season winning streak but it was no "crushing" as suggested earlier. Two costly turnover by the Tigers, when they had the Birds on their heals, in the final quarter were the difference.
  10. None of those PF's had anything to do with player size or maturity. One was a yard out of bounds. The next was prob five yards out of bounds on the concrete. The last one I saw was a crack-back type of hit during a punt return and completely unnecessary.
  11. This, at times, was tough to watch. The Tigers are a well oiled machine and BC had trouble keeping 11 men on the field. The Rebel QB extended a few drives with pure toughness but was offered little protection. Beechwood's O line was opening holes three levels deep. QB Holliday was accurate and had time to make good decisions. The D was stingy. Xavier Campbell made runners pay. Both lines are large and in charge. And, how about that Tiger kicker saving the shutout by tracking down a speedy Rebel returner just before he got into the endzone?
  12. I agree. I seriously doubt that the extra 2 years of play, from 4 to 6 yrs old made any difference, AT ALL, in his current skill level. It seems obvious this young man is a special athlete with a good head on his shoulders. Kids like that pick things up quickly. Regardless, more power to him now. Hope his life continues to reward his hard work and good decision making.
  13. However, I think that whoever that multiple coin is, wins this year. Very interesting statement. Do you think the hype goes to Beechie's head this year? Are they caught looking ahead to 2A? Or, are you simply playing the odds that a three-pete is extremely rare? Or, perhaps they are just O-VER-RAT-ED??
  14. Interesting that most, if not all, of the top 10 teams have chosen not to take on a 1A opponent in their first week of play. Don't know abt the two TN schools.
  15. Well stated. You've almost convinced me with this.
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