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  1. They need to clean the whole program and hire someone with head coaching experience!
  2. Today they announced they are going a different route with their basketball coach! Thought on who will replace her?
  3. Hard to lose a Mister Basketball like Carson. I saw this story while ago about it. Former Kentucky Mr. Basketball Williams asks for release from NKU, intends to transfer | NKyTribune
  4. I heard Notre Dame has gone a different directions for a basketball coach today!
  5. TMC couldn't guard Jake Walter or Fredrick! Ruthsatz is also a D-2 player who is more talented than the TMC D-3 players. I say CovCath would win 73-63!
  6. Difference is The Jake can't guard an empty room in college basketball! He looks lost trying to defend anybody!
  7. I was told either Cov Cath, Trinity or Prep school!
  8. You can't catastrophe without c...a...t...s - Bear - c..a...t...s. lol
  9. You don't fly in from LA to Ky. unless something is about to happen. And Louisville just won a NIT game tonight too. Something is up.
  10. Alford would be a good choice for Louisville if they go that direction. Good recruiter, Indiana ties. It sounds like a winner for both, he's a proven coach too.
  11. Word in Louisville is Steve Alford is interviewing there Monday. How does Mack figure in if that's the case?
  12. Bob Huggins is 100 times the coach Cronin is. Look at WVU tonight, they took it to a outmanned team. UC just played soft after getting a big lead and gagged at the end when it's winning time. That is a on Cronin, not the players. A lot of UC people tonight are wishing they had Huggins back and Cronin was back at Murray State.
  13. As a UK fan, I hope Cronin stays at UC forever. Lol. He's a terrible ambassador for the school and a worse bench coach. They had some players this year, no doubt. But they play in a terrible conference and the AAC has no teams alive after the first weekend of NCAA play. No big-time school would take Cronin as coach anyway.
  14. Another bad look for Cronin. His antics after the Xavier game this season and cursing at another team's player should have been worthy of disciplinary measures from UC upper brass, this answer to a simple question from the softball-question-throwing Cincy media is embarrassing for UC too. Cronin is a jerk of a person and he deserves everything bad that happened today. Great job by Nevada!
  15. You obviously did not watch the CovCath/Fern Creek game. Fern Creek had a better team that Cooper. Nothing against Cooper, CovCath just playing great right now. If they had played against Cooper the way they did today CovCath wins by 25 points.
  16. Playing on Sunday is killing attendance for the championship. They need to go to Saturday night. Period. Move it back one day during the week. And having the girls play in Rupp Arena is just a horrible idea. But the boys need to play the championship on Saturday night. That would help.
  17. I am getting my Popcorn ready about People giving me grief about CJ Frederick!🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿
  18. Nothing Negative at all! Wins Gatorade player of the year! Putting up great numbers at State! NKY players don’t get respect because we only have one media person that vote!
  19. It’s crazy the stats CJ is putting up down at Rupp! The winner of Mr Basketball( Not saying he is a bad player) didn’t even make it to the Sweet 16 and CJ is putting numbers up like this! I begin to wonder about the voting!
  20. Thanks. I took the roster of Covington Catholic Website. I guess they forgot to update it.
  21. Covington Catholic ( 31-4)- Covington Catholic had a very successful 9th Regional Tournament as there 19 game winning streak continues. The Colonels beat St. Henry ( 74-31), Cooper (53-49) and Dixie Heights ( 74-31). The Colonel’s Face Apollo ( 16-15) on 3/15 at 8:00 pm. Projected Starters: CJ Frederick- 22.5 ppg. 9th Regional MVP and Gatorade Kentucky Player of the Year Jake Walter- 11.7 ppg. Aiden Ruthsatz- 14.3 ppg. AJ Mayer - 9.0 ppg. Casey Nowak- 1.5 ppg. Bench: Nick Thelen- 6.0 ppg. Michael Mayer- 2.8 ppg. Tyler Fleek- 1.9 ppg. The Roster for the Sweet 16 tournament down in Lexington, Kentucky: 2017-2018 # Name Grade Height Weight Position 1 Fredrick, CJ 12th 6’4” 180 Guard 2 Disken,Grant 10th 5'11 140 Guard 4 Thelen, Luke 12th 5’11” 155 Guard 5 Deere, TJ 11th 6’4” 170 Forward 11 Fleek, Tyler 11th 6’4” 190 Center 12 Collins, Michael 12th 6’3” 180 Forward 20 Davin, Jack 11th 6’5” 185 Forward 21 Mayer, AJ 12th 6’3” 205 Forward 22 Ruthsatz, Aiden 12th 5’10” 160 Guard 23 Nowak, Casey 12th 6’0” 165 Guard 24 Mayer, Michael 10th 6’5” 210 Forward 30 Thelen, Nick 11th 6’8” 190 Forward 33 Green, Neil 10th 6’3” 190 Center 40 Fortner, Adam 11th 6’4” 180 Forward 44 Walter, Jake 12th 7’1” 260 Center Head Coach: Scott Ruthsatz (29-6 Last yr., 165-42 at CovCath, 183-47 Overall) Assistant Coaches: Joe Fredrick, Casey Sorrell, Ben Franzen, Brandon Elliott, Matt Stevens, Steve Sorrell and Principal: Mr. Bob Rowe Matthew Shumate Dean of Students: Mr. Mike Guidugli Trainer: Chris Unkraut A.D.: Mr. Tony Bacigalupo Statisticians: Bob Morris, Rusty Schilling Scorekeeper: Dale Dickman and Dave Wear Timekeeper: Alex Ammerman Student Coach: Joe Huber Announcer: Al Hertsenberg School Colors: Royal Blue and White Videographer: School Mascot: Colonels Enrollment: 593 KHSAA Sweet Sixteen State Champion: 2014 KHSAA Sweet Sixteen State Runner-up: 1967 KHSAA Sweet Sixteen State Final Four: 2004, 2015 9th Region Champions: 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 92, 04, 06, 14, 15
  22. My bad, was the top assistant to a team that had 152 wins while he was there
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