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  1. Well, I'm from Ohio so seeing this argument isn't anything new. It's happened all over the country. And there's no real way to solve it with an algorithm. So, the best answer is what Indiana has done, and some other states are now looking at: success factor. "The proof is in the pudding", is an old saying. Instead of trying to forecast who will be 'good teams' and who will be 'bad teams' like they have crystal balls, state associations can simply tabulate the outcomes of games and float teams up or down their classification tables as needed. It's easy, responsive, and self-correcting. It's the Uber of classification designation. If a team succeeds, they move up. They stop succeeding, they get bumped right back down. Team sucks? They can move down. They succeed above mean there? They move back up. Enrollment may be the baseline number, but actually factoring in what we all are trying to tabulate with why a certain team SHOULD be playing with teams better suited to their capabilities is nuts. And why should the KHSAA or any other state do this? Because attendance at playoff games is putrid now. Numbers have been dropping steadily in Ohio for years. State championship games that once saw five-digit crowds now can basically fit comfortably in every 'big' high school stadium in the state. And I'm sure Kentucky by and large isn't any different. The entire reason for classifications was to separate teams of varying abilities so as to not pit two schools against each other where the outcome was decided long before the pen even left the paper. That system has failed. Today, all over, there's teams that you know 99% of the time just by their names who will win. You don't even need to research the game. That particular season. Nothing. Someone brought up a single-tournament structure. Yes. That's one way to 'solve' the problem by simply ignoring that it is a problem. However, the vast majority realize there is a problem with a 1A school playing a 6A school, regardless who it is. If I were to wager money with anyone on here that a 6A school will beat a 1A school more than half the time, NOBODY would take that bet. And they know why. But too many are beholden to "that's a 4A team", that they seem to think some saintly omniscient mind created the 4A designation. It isn't. It didn't. It's just a designation. And it is not the sole deciding factor on whether a 4A can beat a 5A, or beaten by a 3A, for instance. There is ebb and flow between classifications because they are the most rudimentary and basic delineations of teams. There is a better way. Arguing for a proactive answer that 'sees the teams success' before the season hasn't worked. So, at least go with the reactive answer, and slot the teams based on what they've already done and go from there and let the system sort itself.
  2. Outside Kentucky now: Thursday Grand Valley (OH) v. Jefferson (OH) Friday (@ Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, MI) Romeo (MI) v. Oxford (MI) Clarkston (MI) v. Lapeer (MI) Saturday Western Reserve Academy (OH) v. Cleveland Whitney Young (OH) South Range (OH) v. Springfield Local (OH)
  3. Yep. QB just put a little too much air under it. It's clear FDHS needs to work on some things. But they do look like they have some promise as the season moves on. That preseason ranking isn't really an exaggeration.
  4. Danville's speed at key positions. FDHS's players weren't in sync most of the night. Those were the two key factors in my eyes watching it. Not saying Frederick Douglass was slow, but Danville had two speedsters that they couldn't corral all the time. Secondly, Frederick Douglass' offense was just out of sorts on a lot of passing plays. Over throws, bad routes, whatever the issue, they had a problem they need to work on. Once they got down, it became more apparent. Danville did have a sluggish second quarter compared to how the game started. But it seemed like Danville knew the game was in the bag and let off. But rather than still scoring, they turned cold for a while.
  5. Wow. I wasn't expecting that as the answer. No wonder it was just a replay the down. Had no clue why he signaled safety and it was never announced what was the outcome.
  6. Good game. Second half was ridiculous compared to first half. Lots of passing and defensive misses. I'm really questioning what happened on that play late in the game. Somerset ball, throws deep, pass incomplete. Refs signal a safety. Yet nothing is said, and then it's just replay the down. No clue what happened. They blew the whistle to stop the play when they threw the flag, so it couldn't have been holding in endzone as that doesn't stop the play. He wasn't downed. But the flag was never explained. And then they just replay the down it seemed. Anyways, just weird. Good game though to attend.
  7. I'll be in Danville for the game, and was looking up info about the team when I realized they were a new school. Still not sure what to expect, so it makes that game interesting simply due to the great unknown.
  8. Can anyone explain how the Rafferty's Bowl isn't part of this prohibition in August?
  9. I'm just curious whether this affects the Rafferty's Bowl at WKU. The argument is that this is a 'third party' putting on the game, and not just a schedule game between two teams. Also, Michigan has the "Battle at the Big House" returning for a second season, and though one of the high schools run it, it's 6 games at Michigan Stadium. Also, there's 6 games at Wayne State in Detroit. Though they aren't D1FBS. It just seems ridiculous that the NCAA imposed a rule and apparently don't realize that high schools use major football stadiums in the opening weeks to play games. And this isn't just in Ohio, Kentucky, or Michigan. New York plays upwards of 10 games at the Carrier Dome. But, the NY season starts the second week of September (they have a 7-game season and everyone makes the playoffs).
  10. Just seeing again if anyone can confirm that the 9/16 game against Green Co is really scheduled for Saturday and not a type.
  11. But anyone know whether the Green County game will be on Saturday or Friday night?
  12. It's listed for Saturday. Given the travel, it would make sense to play on Saturday to allow the team and fans the ability to make the trip. So, any confirmation that it's Saturday night at Knox Central?
  13. Wyoming does this. They allow schools to petition to move up or down depending on local rivals, and where they project they'll be enrollment wise in a few years (that way a 2-year blip doesn't happen, either). It works very well.
  14. Take the 32 teams. Split them up geographically into two halves, regardless of seeding, record, etc. Just group 16 together and 16 together. Then seed those two groups. And have an east/west champion play for a title.
  15. They may have in the past. Last year, they played their six games at 3 sites: Salem Stadium, Salem (where the NCAA D3 championships were now formerly held) William & Mary Hampton University I was wrong as well, as the big school games at U of Va aren't done anymore, either.
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