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  1. Yes. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. Hoping I'm not lol. Walter is right about their intensity, though. They're a tough team.
  2. I've only seen Dixie play once, but i loved their guard play...with that and their size, I think Dixie gets this one done pretty easily. Only 3 homes games left of 14+? Ew.
  3. I understand that...the point i was 'trying' to make is that there was no where near a so called poster being made.
  4. Missed the reply that broke it down for 12 seconds....sorry
  5. I just love to see positivity towards that young man, he works so hard and it saddens me when people rip on him. Not saying he doesn't deserve some 'criticism' for some things he does, but I love that people know he's a great kid.
  6. That's crazy...i played in this charity classic in high school, but each game was a KY high school vs an OH high school.
  7. why is it called the Bluegrass-Buckeye Charity Classic with no Ohio teams?
  8. Ryle's run at a region championship in 2002 was pretty amazing...Holmes (Englemon, B. Smith, Fischer), Dixie (Bramlages and Jones), then CovCath (they were favs I think... Lewin, Finke, Hiltz and Bain). All were close games, and Conner's gym was packed every night!
  9. What I stated is the actual rule. If officials can use their own discretion for bending/changing rules, that's new to me. May or may not have made a difference, but Crawford scoring a bazillion points did. If Newport lets Jackson go off like Crawford did...
  10. How many minutes did CVH and Theobold play? nice game for them to get a few minutes and rest up for this weekend.
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