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  1. Will this be streamed online anywhere? Will be out of town tonight and would like to catch the action live.
  2. Can someone do updates for the Lewis/West scrimmage? I'm at work and unable to attend.
  3. Last game of the season for the Lions. Will miss these seniors. On the bright side freshman Brayden Caudill had a great game and scored his first varsity TD. First of many more Brayden!
  4. No. It is completely asanine and egotistical to believe that as big as the universe is that we are the only forms of intelligent life anywhere...
  5. Thanks for the kind words. It's Plank's first year playing since 8th grade and Offutt's first year playing since JFL. Those two are raw but have loads of talent and potential and it came out tonight. Isaac is a second-year QB and can make plays. But what can you say about Nick Conley? The guy was fantastic. What happened on the ejection?
  6. Great job Lions scoring more points than anyone else has on the Devils all year in just the first half! Better showing than I'm sure most were expecting.
  7. Hate to hear that about Taylor. He's a great athlete. Definitely a big blow to East Carter. Boyd County 35 East Carter 14
  8. Thank you! I didn't know how it worked and had heard both.
  9. Can anyone tell me what is being done about Sheldon Clark dropping out of district play for the sake of playoffs? Will the district winner (most likely Russell) of district 5 get a bye or play the 5th place team from its own district?
  10. Enjoyed every second of it! You do a great job!
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