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  1. Schnieder will not be 100 percent for the Eagles, if he plays. Ankle.
  2. If Scott beats Brossart on Friday night they will get the #1 seed. If they lose Scott, Brossart and Campbell will have a blind draw.
  3. I was told that its a sprain but that he would attempt to play tonight.
  4. If NCC doesnt roll through this tournament I will be surprised.
  5. Heard Ohmer went down in this one. Was not at the game. Hopefully he's good to go against MoCo on Tuesday.
  6. How many starts did Seay get last year compared to the others?
  7. Seay will not be the ace. He will probably be the #4 behind Andrew Trame, Jake Ohmer and Zach Mahan
  8. Ohmer was 1/2 from 3 and 2/2 from the free throw line. Only attempted 3 shots until he was pulled.
  9. Defense takes 5 guys on the floor doing their job, when you only have 2 or 3, you get beat.
  10. Kid scores from all three levels and has major range. He has bulked up some making it easier for him to get to the rim and finish through contact. With that be said he still has enough foot speed to beat people off the dribble.
  11. Who will execute their style of play better? Scott by 6.
  12. Eagles led by I believe 9 at one point. Just couldn't hold on.
  13. Im going to go out on a limb and say the series gets tied up... Scott by 4
  14. Will Jackson be playing for Campbell? I know he was out against Brossart.
  15. Just confirmed with Ohmer's dad that he has had zero interest or communications with the schools that were listed.
  16. It was a good game and great win for Holmes. What I didnt like was the trash talk from Holmes towards Ohmer. It was uncalled for.
  17. Chad will play baseball for Scott. He's also playing on Scott's frosh team for basketball.
  18. I'd say he had 4 3's himself tonight and was at the foul line a lot in the 4th qtr. Again I'm just throwing out some numbers I don't have the exact stats
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