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  1. Bell continues to regress under McCreary. Sad thing is the hardest part of the schedule is the next 2 games. Worst coaching hire of all-time. Congrats to Casey.
  2. The McCreary's better give thanks every night that they inherited some pretty good players or they would be Terrible. It is worse than many feared.
  3. On the field and court hands down #1 NFL draft pick Tim Couch. From the sideline, Mike Mitchell and Lamar Dawson.
  4. Continue the positive movement under HC Brewer. 2015 was 1 of the best seasons in history and they lose a good group but have some key players returning. They play good football and will have a chance to win the district again. They host favorite Estill in a huge showdown.
  5. Bring back a nice group of skilled players with QB Elliott, WR Jackson and RB Williams. All with big play ability. Also added an out of state transfer who could play QB and allow Ellitott to be moved all over the offense. Defense should be better with a years maturity but the glaring weakness continues to be along the front lines. 4-5 regular season wins is possible. The loaded district makes things really tough. Don't think they are ready to compete with LCA, Danville or Somerset.
  6. Helmets have had sensors for a couple of years now. They will alert the trainer/ staff of high impact. They are very expensive this they are mostly used in college. Don't think I have seen them in pros?
  7. Well done. Amazing measurables. I am sure some negative nancy will be along soon.
  8. 2004 to Mike Mitchell and HHS. We actually won that game after the forfeit but should have won it on the field anyway. Mitchell scored every TD. HHS had only given up around a 100 yds rushing all year. We had over 100 at the end of the 1st quarter. I have no doubt we would have beaten a down Boyle team the next week in Louisville. Of course Mitchell didn't play in the state championship. 2009 to Boyle. Very close to finishing back to back seasons 15-0. Still don't know where that damn kicker came from!!!
  9. Not used to seeing Bell on a list like this. Things are not going to turn around anytime soon. Zero Varsity coaches are returning for Bell and so far only 2 assistant coaches on staff neither with Varsity experience. Really sad.
  10. Great time for the kid!! With that size may end up being a DB in college. Some of you guys need to live in the real world. 4.6 laser is pretty darn fast. Very few true 4.4 or even 4.5 guys in HS football. Most don't even know how to run the 40 for optimum time anyway at the HS level. It's not madden.
  11. I don't think Holcomb will be back helping in Jackson. Breathit will be right in the thick of things with Estill IMO for the district Championship. I still think Estill is the favorite and will win it. Powell lost a lot of pieces and will be playing catch-up but I would not count them out.
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