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  1. You are spot on. Couldn't have said it better. The guy had an opinion and mixed it with some humor. Boone County has been non-existent in football for years. It's just the same old whiners on BGP making an issue of it.
  2. The generation of "my feelings are hurt" strikes again. lol. He was saying in a way that Boone County is bad in football. It's the truth. You don't like the truth? Go out and win football games. If football is too tough, go play soccer.
  3. Given he won three regional titles, it couldn't be lack of success. His won-loss record is fine. Is this another Notre Dame Academy volleyball drama, where parents control the coaching seat?
  4. Are the players and parents responsible for his firing?
  5. For once, I actually agree with you. Makes me wonder if the players/parents/outside influences (AAU coaches) strike again and run out a successful coach?
  6. From WKYT re: Humphrey: George Rogers Clark High School fires Coach Scott Humphrey
  7. That's what happens when you only win three regional championships in 13 years at Clark County.
  8. Scott fielded a volleyball team with two girls standing 6' 5'' several years ago, both went on to play basketball and volleyball in college, and they still couldn't beat Notre Dame when they played. Notre Dame's tallest players were about 6' 2 '' but Scott wasn't even in the game. Scott does field a competitive volleyball program and I credit them for that, but please don't even mention them in the same sentence or thread with the Louisville schools. It doesn't work.
  9. You referring to Bill "Mr. Football, NKU Style" Erpenbeck? I remember he led the charge for NKU's football program and was all set to hire Mike Yeagle as head coach for the Norse.
  10. You are right on. Scott a non-factor in the state. The match against Mercy was comical and an example of a team with no idea of how to simply receive a serve. The Mercy coaches were laughing about Scott's inability to pass a jump serve, but that goes to show what I said. To their credit, Scott does attempt to field a good volleyball program, unlike the mountain schools and those in the western part of the state. But Scott isn't a factor in the state tournament.
  11. Just read all of what you wrote. It's a contradiction in itself. You state there are indeed problems with parents, administration, etc, with coaching at NDA. You then act like it's not OK, then turn around and try to spin "but with an experienced coach like Buck" who is, by the way, also having his problems with the parents. Lots of them.
  12. Good preview. The only part I disagree with is having Central ranked so highly. They lost too much to even be in the ballpark of the top 10 in 3A. This will probably be a losing season for Central.
  13. You obviously have missed a lot! lol. They just ran off the girls basketball coach for no reason other than their little agendas. Don't be surprised if NDA is looking for a new volleyball coach at the end of the upcoming season. This will be three straight years without a state title for the coach, unacceptable by NDA parental standards.
  14. Since you contradicted yourself numerous times, I will not argue. I think we all can agree the parents ran off a good coach (Lanham), and the NDA administration looked the other way and hoped it would go away. High school sports, 21st century style.
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