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  1. Dilce Combs won the All A state title in 1993. Heston Beverly, Cavanaugh Trent, Kevin Campbell were some of the big guns. Cordia won the school's only district championship to date in 1993 by beating eventual regional winner Knott Central by 22 in 55th District finals. Lost to Sheldon Clark 118-117 in 3 OT in WYMT Mountain Classic game. 23-8 record with all local kids. Richard Ritchie and Shannon Woods one of the top backcourts in the mountains in the 1990's.
  2. It use to hold 5,500 due to some construction to provide for handicap access they took out a few rows of seats on one side. Its the top high school only gym in KY. in my opinion and I played or coached in a lot of places.
  3. He also won 54 games in three years as Boys head coach @ Breathitt County with a regional runner-up and regional semi finals. Before that he was boys assistant @ Johnson Central for 10 years. Grand Slam hire for Estill County.
  4. If I remember correctly Chance had a Double-Double in Sweet 16 game. I'd say that's far from shaky. To me he is the backbone to the KCC team. He does all the little things that doesn't always show up on stat sheet.
  5. I know a good quality head coach that is interested.
  6. Right now I'd say Tyson Gross would be the front runner. Played there, has previous head coaching experience with the Hazard girls and was an assistant this season to Coach Green.
  7. Wish him the best. He'll have some great kids to coach.
  8. Brian Hall also coached at Breathitt County and won 50 games his first two years there, 2 55th District titles with a trip to regional finals losing by 2 to Perry Central and regional semi's.
  9. Not sure if its been posted but Josh Cook from Lawrence County is new coach at Mercer County.
  10. I have no plans to apply at Powell County. I will forever treasure the 3 seasons I spent there and wish them the best next season. The boys I started with will be seniors next season so I'll be pulling for them. I may apply there in the future if the situation was right but not this time. I have applied for a couple positions elsewhere. I would also be very interested in being an assistant under Coach Hall again if the opportunity presented itself, I think he is one of the most underrated coaches in KY. and learned a lot from him about basketball, Social Studies and how to treat people and run a quality high school program. Tim Cornett
  11. Brian Hall is not going to Breathitt to be a Girls Assistant.He is a quality head coach that will land somewhere soon. A 40 foot shot away from a three peat district champion doesn't stay unemployed too long in my opinion.
  12. Coach Dave Fraley also took Powell County (14th) in 1974. So he took 2 teams from 14th in Powell (1974) and Knott (2010) and Pulaski from 12th in 1986.
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