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  1. Tim is a super guy . My nephew played for the 2015 Henderson County team, after the semi final game when Hopkinsville beat them Coach Hayworth offered his assistance in helping him find some colleges to possibly play for and offered for him to come down and work out with his seniors on weekends. Thanks Coach in my opinion you are a class act.
  2. 1 Murray 1 Trinity 1 Dunbar 1 Bowling Green 1 Doss 1 Taylor County 1 Christian County 1 South Oldham 2 Trinity 2 Bowling Green 2 Taylor County 2 Christian County 3 Bowling Green 3 Christian County 5 Christian County TB 156
  3. UHA may have a suprise in store for everyone when district tournaments start. They would be a scary team to face in the first round.
  4. I'm a western Kentucky high school fan myself. David is a great player don't get me wrong but Cameron Justice was the most deserving candidate of this award.He is a major D1 talent. You must not have seen Justice in person or you wouldn't make such a comment. No disrespect to you or David Simmons.
  5. 1 Owensboro 1 Hopkinsville 1 Covington Catholic 1 Doss 1 Ballard 1 Boyle County 1 Bowling Green 1 Knott County Central 2 Hopkinsville 2 Doss 2 Ballard 2 Knott County Central 3 Hopkinsville 3 Ballard 5 Ballard 148
  6. I really enjoyed the contest this season. It was my first full season. Thanks for finding interesting games each week.
  7. 7 Covington Catholic 5 Lafayette 3 Scott County 2 N Laurel 1 Danville TB Lafayette
  8. 7 Trinity 5 Crittenden 3 Taylor County 2 Grayson County 1 Edmondson County Tb Grayson County
  9. Hate to see this. I was looking forward to this game all year.
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