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  1. Gallatin County's Chase O'Connor will continue his playing career at Berea College.
  2. Kid has great hand eye coordination. Hitting close to .400 and is 3-0 on the bump. A couple other freshman from GC that could make a lot of noise in the next couple years are Austin Stuerer and Brandon Vest.
  3. Final from Warsaw. Joe Sargent K's 9 in 7 innings to get the win.
  4. Where will the games on Sunday be played at? Any times on games?
  5. I think the 9 is referring to the # of championships.
  6. GC improves to 2-5. Mason Wilson goes 6inn. gives up 2 for the win. Cole McCubbin with the save.
  7. Maybe simon says, so that they learn to follow simple directions. Seems that quite a few of todays youth struggle with this.
  8. Carroll is 4-2. Scoring double digit runs in their first four games against Dayton, Trimble Co., Pendleton Co. and Walton Verona. With their 2 losses coming to Collins and Gallatin Co. GC is 1-5 with losses to Collins and Shelby Co. (home games moved to their fields because of wet field issues).Two extra inning losses to Spencer Co. (3-5 in 8). GC led 3-1, gave up 2 in top 7th and 2 more in top 8th. And to Grant Co. (1-2 in 9) was up 1-0 going into 6th. Lost to Simon Kenton 2-0. Beat Carroll 4-2. Gallatin was without 3 starters(who happen to also be their 1-3 hitters) for the Shelby and SK games. (They were on a marine biology trip). Several young guys (started 3 freshmen & 2 8th graders) stepped up and played really well.
  9. Nolan Wilson had 3 rbi's on a couple hits. O'Connor had the other rbi.
  10. Gallatin 4 Carroll 2. Chase O'Connor goes 6 innings for the win. Joe Sargent throws a perfect 7th for the save.
  11. First off let me state that i am not advocating for classification in basketball. It seems to be a pretty special thing. Only 2 other states (Hawaii and Delaware to my knowledge) that do not divide small schools and large schools into separate championships. But to think that small schools are on the same level of competition as big schools is just not applicable. The more players you have to choose from the better chance you have of having more talent at any sport. When you have to dress and sometimes start average 8th and 9th graders on varsity because you lack the numbers it is very hard to compete with the bigger schools. Don't get me wrong we occasionally have a couple talented players but the majority of the bigger schools have 6-8 if not more at the same level. Some of the time we have to start and play players that would not make the team at the majority of big schools let alone compete with them. It would be like asking Kentucky State to compete with UK. On a given day anything can happen but not happening on an everyday basis.
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