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  1. Colin Teegarden from Campell County is in Florida at Lake Sumter college; brother Doug (Boone and EKU graduate) is asst coach.
  2. Number 1: On this site and in this state, "you all" is "y'all Number 2: There are a lot of teams better than UK this year.
  3. So what is the "magic" number when a legit beat down becomes running up the score..?
  4. If the referees avoid calling "out of bounds" on the volleyball lines against the Camels, Camels win by 7. :isurrender:
  5. There shouldn't be any one team thinking they will breeze through the district and regional tournaments.... that's a recipe for disaster.... better come to play every game.
  6. Going to SH, leading most of the game with a chance to win at the end tells me this team is still focused and where they need to be. Tough loss; but coaches will eliminate distractions and keep this team on track. Lady Camels will be there down the stretch...
  7. Based on Campbell County's win over Male last night, I would say they've at least locked up the #4 spot for now if not moved to #3. Great wins for the Lady Camels, last 2 games.
  8. Many good friends in that photo... and a lot of baseball memories. Thanks, LB. Just out of curiosity, what was the other sports highlight of your career?
  9. Prayers and condolences to the Cheesman family on such a tragic situation. I roomed with Callen for a brief time at Berea. He had a passion for the game which was displayed in his work with kids.
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