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  1. The Tigers will be out manned this Friday night. I here there may be a Blue Bird wearing Orange & Black late Friday evening.
  2. Yes, the 30 straight were probably from around 4 minutes left in the 3rd quarter thru the 4th.
  3. The Lions are probably hoping that the Running Clock has been instituted before they step off the bus ! ! ! !
  4. Oldrambler, you don't ramble on at all. Guys like you are what makes this site what it is. And your posts always tell it like it is without criticism of an individual high school player. I was just making a statement that the team as a whole are just working their butts off and taking care of business instead of jacking their jaws. They appear to have their heads screwed on straight. Keep up the good work Oldrambler. You're doing a fine job ! ! ! ! !
  5. I think the lack of posts isn't from being subdued, it's just letting the team go out and take care of business. They're doing their talking on the field instead of letting their mouths override their butts like some of the last year or two has. They know more about what is said on these threads than what people realize. So, I think that the less hype we build up on threads, the less chance they will lose the goal they have in sight.
  6. Friday night at West Carter. Saturday night at Raceland.
  7. I expect all OL starters to be rested frequently so they will have their legs as fresh as possible for late game defense. If a big enough lead, several DL substitutions will also be happening.
  8. My guess is : OFFENSE. LT-Manis LG-Wallace C-Fairchild RG-Maui RT-Hall DEFENSE DE-Carmen DT-Hall DT-Wallace DE-Manis NT-Fairchild (Occasional 5 man front) It would surprise me if I'm off much on this, but I do believe that many Linemen will see quality playing time: Harris Willett Dixon Ferguson Tanner GO RAMS !! ! !
  9. True, anything could happen. We didn't look too good against them in the 1st quarter last year.
  10. Yeah, probably bout as much chance of that happening as a chance of it snowing during the game.
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