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  1. That last episode had me watching through my hands... Frank is a train wreck that you can't look away from!
  2. I had not heard there was a movement to try to get him back. I hope it is successful. I don't know if it was just one, but there is definitely one that has had it out for Brian since year one. He's been pretty vocal on here about it. Appears he has a different philosophy between who should be on the football field and who should be on the futbol field. Always droning on about the other BW not playing the best players, playing seniors over underclassmen. But on the soccer team, the seniors should be playing. With the changes in leadership at the school and district, I'd guess they saw an opportunity.
  3. Great lesson for a kid about taxes. You don't have to pay, someone else will.
  4. For me, the sole deciding factor between 4a & 5a would be the district. Looking for a balance considering travel and competition. Shorter travel and strong competition. After that, it doesn't really matter which class. Their non-district schedule will still be scheduled against the teams that challenge them and prepare for the post season. The road to state in either class won't be a cake walk. If the above is about the same in 4a and 5a, then let ego take the 5a route.
  5. If it were the school or diocese paying for it, there would be an argument for fiscal responsibility. Is NewCath supposed to say "no thank you" because some 3rd party doesn't like how the donor spends his money? That's just silly...
  6. Guess it really depends on how much dirt "he" wants to move. With enough time and money, anything is possible.
  7. Something like this? (Not 100% to scale but close enough. Don't know where property lines are.) I guess it could work. Stands into/on the hill between it and gym? Turn practice field into parking lot? Maybe run it more east/west and sell seats and sections of field for fireworks... Although the neighbors might not like the football field in their side yards.
  8. Hollingsworth may have something to say about that. Although maybe being recruited by West Point for baseball, maybe he'll be happy taking one for the team and give up QB?
  9. I didn't recognize the name and with all of the comments about him was thinking that I had to know him. Now I am sad...
  10. We send 2000-5000 checks a day. Sometimes more. Sometimes more. The UPS terms of service specifically state that checks are excluded from the prohibited items list. But people do still send prohibited items all the time. Or my favorites are when they send something like a laptop but don't declare a value because they don't want to pay the extra for insurance. It gets lost or damaged and they scream about only getting $100.
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