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  1. Will a coach come out of retirement? Spent several years in the 16th region as head coach.
  2. Anyone on current staff? Late start for a new guy to step in.
  3. Any updates? Could this be the time for Tony Moore to step into the head role?
  4. Congratulations Coach Rigdon! What direction will St. Pat go? Will be a tough position considering Jaylen Rigdon and several others who have transferred.
  5. Interviews have taken place. Will Paris name a new coach this week?
  6. Excellent choice by Harrison County if this is true!
  7. Have heard announcement will be made next week. Any possible names?
  8. If coach Fite doesn’t make the jump from girl to boys....who would be some other candidates?
  9. What route will they go.... young coach or veteran who is a proven winner?
  10. Great opportunity for Harrison County to make a home run hire! Talent is there.
  11. Who could potentially be some front runners for this job?
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