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  1. Excellent choice by Harrison County if this is true!
  2. Have heard announcement will be made next week. Any possible names?
  3. If coach Fite doesn’t make the jump from girl to boys....who would be some other candidates?
  4. What route will they go.... young coach or veteran who is a proven winner?
  5. Great opportunity for Harrison County to make a home run hire! Talent is there.
  6. Who could potentially be some front runners for this job?
  7. Now that the season is officially over, what jobs will be open? Who is likely to fill these positions?
  8. Robertson county was a solid team this year!! Don’t understand why anyone would be trying to take anything away from the Black Devils. Tremendous season and great effort in regional tournament.
  9. Maybe they took him away and they couldn’t get him the ball. Schalch was clearly In the action of the play. If the play was to get him the ball give credit to the royals for making a play once the initial action didn’t work. They had a chance to win it but the shot didn’t go in.
  10. Congrats to the Royals on a hard fought win! Royals found a way to get Henry going in the second half. Panthers have nothing to be ashamed of!
  11. This is ongoing throughout the state. Why did KHSAA wait till the last week to investigate if the kid enrolled prior to school starting? Sounds like someone is looking for an advantage in post season. Good luck to Coach Amis moving forward!
  12. Surprised but not surprised. Royals have been in just about every game this year and lost several games by 1 pt. Experience from those games paid off tonight!
  13. Surprised by the margin of victory. Great win for the Cougars!! Any stats on the game?
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