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  1. I thought Ryle beat them a couple weeks ago and kept them under 30......
  2. Unfortunately this is pointless since the AD at GMS appoints them herself, but thanks for the reference. I will forward this information to the Principal again this year.
  3. During a middle school basketball game on Tuesday night, a shooting foul was called. Immediately after the call another individual on defensive "questioning" the call was issued a Technical. The refs let Offensive team shoot 2 technical shots, then had them take their respective spots for the foul shots, offense missed 2nd shot rebounded by defense play on. Shouldn't have been the other way around with the offensive team getting the ball at half court after all 2+2 foul shots???
  4. Gray Actually was leading after 1st 17-13 the next 2 Periods were all Highlands but the Gators finished strong, Great Game! Horrible refs at GMS(both ways as usual).... Question about the Technical call after the foul. Why didn't Gray get the ball out of bounce after the foul shots???????
  5. Correction Ryle 18, Conner 3 Ryle 402(10)2 - 18 Conner 020 0 1 - 3 Dixie @ Ryle 3pm Saturday May 10th
  6. 5 innings Bellew 3 hit shutout, 3k's no walks under 70 pitches
  7. Ryle has beat SK, Split with CovCath, split with Highlands, beat Dixie 2 out of 3, lost close game early to Brossart and Conner, all with a new coach that had no idea what he had early and is finally settling in with the much need help of an assistant. I think Ryle is 13-9 with 4 losses coming at the hands of LaSalle, Trinity and Elder I guess my point is, there is no way to tell a true top 5 in Freshman baseball in NKY, its a crap shoot day by day... I realize there is no fun in not speculating on a top 5 but its just not realistic IMO
  8. iscorecentral I was not at the game... I believe a booster does the games online....
  9. Funny how different views see the games...... online version that I saw.... Ryle 0 0 1 0 0 0 2 -- 3 5 4 DHC 0 2 0 2 0 4 - -- 8 7 2
  10. Actually it was Downs that came in to finish the 4th inning not Clarkson Bellew 3.1 innings 49 piches. Downs 0.2 innings and 6 pitches. Brennan 2.0 innings and 35 pitches and
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