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  1. Can't see the game, but it sounds like, from the posts, that Somerset took their foot off of Mayfield's neck.
  2. I'm the lucky one! Sitting here working in central PA following this thread as the game unfolds
  3. jcarter (and everybody) thanks for the updates. I'm working in PA this weekend and it has been nice to have the games updated for me to keep track of what's happening.
  4. You think the Corbin coach has a few second thoughts about using his kicker tonight yet?
  5. My heart says Boyle...my head says it's going to be a nailbiter!!!
  6. 5 St. Xavier 3 Henry Clay 3 Highlands 1 Belfry 1 Mason County 1 Pulaski County 1 Hazard 1 Sheldon Clark 1 Danville 1 Estill County Tiebreaker 48
  7. 5 Boyle County 3 Highlands 3 Christian County 1 Belfry 1 Tates Creek 1 Ballard 1 Conner 1 Ryle 1 Newport Central Catholic 1 Bryan Station Tiebreaker 35
  8. Scribe, Just got a chance to read this and it reflects a great job of collecting and communicating a tremendous amount of information. Thank you for the excellent post and count me in as someone who would like to see it every week. Patb
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