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  1. Handshoe was in the game on the final play of the game.
  2. How many games has #7 played this year? Are these rankings on potential or production on the current season?
  3. Caleb scored 29 points for Harrison County in a win over Augusta 77-59. Caleb became the 20th player for Harrison County join the 1000 point club. Congratulations Caleb!!
  4. It seems most everyone is picking Montgomery, Pendleton and Harrison as the three favorite teams to win the 10th, with several others close behind. I was wondering who are the key losses and key returning players for each team? I think Montgomery rightfully is favorite because of home court advantage during regionals, but quality depth could be the deciding factor.
  5. How did the Morehead Team Camp go last week (June 10-12)? Who looked good?
  6. Omar Prewitt-Montgomery Caleb Ford-Harrison Jake Handshoe-Montgomery Ryan Gallenstein-St. Patrick Mason Monroe-Pendleton Adam Fatkin-Clark Dillon Pulliam-Harrison Aaron Jacobs-Paris Chris Gillispie-Bourbon Nate McGovney-Campbell
  7. You mean Clark has already won their game that starts at 8 o'clock? WOW!!!
  8. Harrison was 7 for 17 and Clark was 6 for 17 from the three point line.
  9. Harrison didnt allow their best free throw shooter to even touch the ball when they knew Pendleton Co. was going to foul. Not sure why?????
  10. Final from Deming. Big win for the Breds.
  11. Walsh had a huge game tonight. I think he was the difference.
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