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  1. Maybe they could have scheduled some tougher competition like Clay County, Grant County, or Prestonsburg.
  2. They were playing for a cause and played very inspired football that season. I played against them. They were one of those teams that gave everything they had each play.
  3. They need to play the best athletes/football players regardless of their class. I understand it's a big program with a lot of kids out. However, if you have a kid that's in the top 15-20 players on your team he should be on the field.
  4. I agree they should be one of the favorites. They also have a sophomore running back with D1 potential. Coach Hawkins is loaded with talent right now.
  5. Those 4 teams combined on the year only averaged 16.5 points a game and had a combined record of 12-32. 3 of those teams combined for only 4 wins on the season. You can dress it up all you want...
  6. The defensive coordinator that gave up 34 points a game last season?
  7. Any news at GRC? Where are they in the hiring process? Any favorites for the job?
  8. Caruthers had 40+ more touches than Johnson. He was the leading rusher and second leading receiver, but your argument is he wasn't the #1 option? I could say that since Johnson was the #1 option everyone knew he was getting the ball, but still couldn't stop him. Bottom line is they were both great players Caruthers played on the better team that took some of the defense focus off him. While stopping Johnson was the gameplan for every defense.
  9. Anyone know if any of the players on the roster are 6th graders?
  10. Did Huddleston see any significant playing time?
  11. I agree 100% with you if accolades are all that parents are worried with. The biggest advantage of athletics are the discipline, respect for authority, work ethic, and leadership qualities that are attained through years of athletics. Of course this is all dependent on the coaching staffs and the program's the student athletes come up through. But, athletics definitely instill core values and characteristics that are important in the work force.
  12. Each draft is different, but since you're using last years top 10 as your example 3 played their rookie season at the age of 23, 1 at the age of 22, and the other six at the age of 21. No one played their rookie season as a 20 year old last season. So 40% of the top 10 were 22-23 yet GMs are shying away.... That doesn't even account for the guys in the later rounds.
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