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  1. The talent level has always been there and will continue. They have a 7th & 8th grade traveling all-star team that was exceptional with size, speed, skill this year. If I am correct, the all-star team I am talking about was really their regular season team.
  2. It seems like the same old good guy that has been wronged has been the case for Bill Mason @ his last 2 stops. It seems like and I could be wrong, but he has underachieved @ Nelson & Mercer. The fans have been unhappy w/ the performance & overall attitude of the team, which the head coach has to be the one to own up to this even if there are other factors. Knowing Bill, he is a great guy that does the right thing, but as a head coach has had some issues. This does not mean that he is not a good coach, just not a head coach. I wish Bill the best & Mercer as well, but it seems that this is a mirror image of the situation (Nelson Co.) that he came from before he went on to become Mercer's head coach.
  3. JH wins this one with a big offensive night. On to next week in a challenge from the west! JH 42-21.
  4. Congrats to JH and after watching them, if their QB & defense come to play, then they are for real.
  5. I'll take CH in this one. I don't think that Central is as good as advertised, but stronger than BS right now. CH 28-14.
  6. Green will pick the score in this one as Bardstown is down in all areas.
  7. I would have to agree. Nelson started the year really strong and has steadily stayed the same instead of improving. I see Scott Co. running away with this one late in the game. Word of caution that Nelson has the tools to be good for one night, but not on friday night.
  8. Will be a great game. I will go ith the upset in this one as Christian Co. wins this one 28-27.
  9. Central will finally get to see what a big time playoff team looks like. John wins this one 35-14.
  10. This game will be a little closer than you think. I would like to congratulate Coach Mike Gossett on a great season up until now and good luck in the playofffs, but his old counterpart Mark Brown will get the best of this battle this weekend. JH wins this one 42-21.
  11. I hope that WC wins this one, but just don't see it happening as WC will take their first loss of the season this weekend. Danvile wins this one 35-21.
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