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  1. I have just witnessed it and I thought there would be some kind of restriction on that?
  2. Outstanding 3rd quarter played by the Indians. Coach Feldhaus has to finally be happy with his guards. RichmondRegister article http://www.richmondregister.com/localsports/local_story_037013545.html?keyword=secondarystory
  3. Apparently you haven't seen the Jarvis kid play. I seen him play an outstanding game against Scott County ant the Gateway classic in Montgomery County with Chad Jackson on him all night. Sounds like you are saying Jtown was rated what they were because of Jackson. Jackson is a very good athlete and contributes to the team a lot, but Jtown should still be able to win these games without one player if they are supposed to be in top 5 in the state. Good win for MC!:thumb:
  4. Two good solid players out this game. "Jackson and Jarvis"
  5. Then they should give some good games in the 11th region.:fight:
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