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  1. Every time I sat down, the fans would stand up and yell again! First game all season that the fans were into the game, for the entire game.
  2. Now you gotta think teammate Kaleb Tarczewski might be leaning towards Duke also. Many believed they could end up as package deal. 2 huge losses for UK if that happens.
  3. Add 5 star G Ricardo Ledo to the mix now. He is now decommited from Providence and Louisville has backed off. His former High school coach says playing for Cal would be great. Most think he is considering Kentucky, Providence and Uconn.
  4. I'm just saying, why would you take a guy on scholarship if he has no chance of playing, even in the future?
  5. KSR has reported that Beckham, the Mississipi state guard is looking to transfer. The report is, he culd come to lexington to join the cats. He is averaging 2.9 ppg in 10 mpg this season for the bulldogs. I dont see any playing time for him this season, or next. :idunno::confused:
  6. Look for Ty Cobb to be a huge part of corbin's success this year. He will be a stud.
  7. Sad to see it come to an end but the hounds had a great season, after everyone was picking them to lose second or third round. Matthew Taylor and Saxon O'kuma had great careers as 3 year starters. It will be interesting to see how the hounds replace Taylor next season. Congrats to Newport on being dominate last night and winning with class.
  8. Should be a very good game, down to the end.
  9. Corbin had a terrible offensive game due to the lack of passing experience. Its hard for a running team to drop that style and start throwing the ball 2 out of every 3 downs. Boyle is very tough defensivly as well as offensivly.
  10. Corbin vs Wayne County @ 8:30. Last game of the day. I believe South Laurel will take on Scott county prior to Corbin/Wayne.
  11. Clay will be playing Lexington Christian academy.
  12. I think Watkins, Taylor and Fritts gets the job done early on the ground. I take the Hounds 49-20
  13. Watkins will not be joining the basketball team this season...
  14. Anyone know what channel the game will be on tv?
  15. One of the most popular rap artists.
  16. I also heard Lebron may be there. Anyone else hear this?
  17. Anyone hear that Drake, the rapper, will be making an appearance at big blue madness friday?
  18. Maybe not the best, but Clark county has a great O-line.
  19. Corbin by at least 50. Jewell's starters should only play 1st half.
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