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  1. I can't believe that this is such a shocker. These things go on all of the time, successful or not, you can't please everyone. Parents have been empowered in influencing administrative decisions so why should they hold back when they feel they have an issue. It is the administrations job to squash it. I hope they have the backbone but it wouldn't surprise me if they didn't.
  2. Maybe someplaces but not in Fayette Co.
  3. Frankfort went 0-15 from the floor in the first quarter 7 were layups off of steals and 5 were in the paint. Would have been nice to see them finish on the easy ones and not get so far behind. Forgot to mention Mayes scoring her 1000 point. Congrats Ashli.
  4. Tough to call, Frankfort loses to Woodford by 2 and Western Hills lost by 20. Would seem easy but with Frankfort not being able to finish, it is a toss up.
  5. Although both are trying to adjust to a new system, the fact that Frankfort is going against a cross town rival and former coach should make for an interesting game. Any predictions?
  6. They may not have Polson but they have kids that can play and expect to be good.
  7. I never thought you could cause 30+ turnovers and lose. The lady panthers will be good when they convert on these.
  8. Outlook for this matchup? Will Harrison be able to keep up with Frankfort's speed?
  9. I would say he needs 10 years at Ludlow to turn it around. As long as the philosophy reaches down to the elementary and doesn't depend on a good class to come thru every 4 years.
  10. Anyone know how the girls did on Saturday? I do know they played Breckinridge Co., should have been a good test?
  11. If she was cut then there should be no issue of her old school releasing her. She should be able to transfer. Maybe this old school is special but I can't see any other school turning down a player that is valued by the next level.
  12. I hear very good things from some of their players about what they are doing. If they listen to the man at the top and play as hard as he coaches they will do some great things. No more senior night invitations.
  13. Whatever the reason for leaving its a poor decision.
  14. I would agree and look what he did. Goodluck Lady Panthers. I look forward to watching you.
  15. How many of them actually tried to build a program? How many just sat at the end of the bench? Just as with the boys program, Frankfort has the talent to compete. I think people will see a girls program that keeps getting better.
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