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  1. I am sure that the Public School Football Players (maybe not the parents of school administration) would rather play against the X & T and at the least have the opportunity to beat one of them, even if it is just once in a while. I know in 1969 when Butler lost to St X then in 1970 beat Trinity in the state championships, that those players now would never trade playing in those games for anything. The 79 Butler Team also won state. I know, I played in one of those games and it just shows how hard work will pay off if you put in the time that the T & X teams do.
  2. is this game on the television computer or radio
  3. Jimmy Ref, hey don't feel so sad and be so negative about the Rocks just because another Northern Kentucky (CINCY AREA YOUR HOME TOWN AREA) team was beaten by the Rocks and your beloved Tigers were pummeled by the Rocks twice, don't worry Jimmy Ref just be happy for the Rock's.
  4. The Rocks will win #20-#21-#22 State Championships and then Coach Beatty will ride off into the sunlight. Here is a vote for the new coach in 2013 "Coach Coverdale".
  5. I hope Coach Glaser stays forever, fine person evidently but still can't admit that the Rocks sometimes just have a better team. The Rocks have beaten him so many times in the big games in the last 9 years, he always has some stupid statments to say ---Well their not 38 points better that us-- The best team did not win---, The Broom incident-- tipping his hat--- These are all class-less acts in my opinion. I know the X faithful have to be embarrassed by some of his actions and statements. But heres hoping for him to stay forever!!! Go Rocks
  6. Ryle can possible stay with ther Rocks for a quarter then the dam burst, Rocks Roll 48-7
  7. I will have to do some research before posting my score but the Rocks will win, I believe. I remember all the trash talk in 06 and that sure didn't pan out for Ryle did it.`
  8. Coach Glaser only uses his kid tatics to make himself look even a smaller person that he really is. I hear X parents say that every kid loves Coach G when they leave X, well my son played in three straight champonship games at Trinity and he is really good friends with several from the 06-07-08 X teams, and they sure have a different perspective of Coach G than most of you have. The broom. tipping hat and stiil claiming the best team did not win, is all just a disgrace to the Tiger faithful they just don't want to admit it. They really deserve better than they are getting. And Coach Beatty should of taken a knee , i think most will agree!
  9. Butler appeas to be best team onpaper but the cards looked pretty good in closing out Freedon Hall, anything can happed but I think Butler wins by 8 pts or more. Remember Pitino said this is a bridge year, does he mean by the bridge?
  10. Coach Beatty is a class act,these kids a mostly sophmores is he supposed to tell them to quit! "Cardinal Fan" maybe you should help Coach Strong at Louisville you seem to be very knowledgeable about the game of football, and he is struggling with his decisions today also.
  11. Larry, I am afraid that your son will be out of high school before a private school wins 6-A! Sorry
  12. I think the Rocks will win this game pretty handily, the mis-direction offense Manual has, caused the Rocks some trouble in the past but appear to have re-solved that the last couple of years. Rocks 48-7
  13. How many freshmen football players got into the game? I heard the freshman QB may be the starting QB in 2011!
  14. I seem to remember the last Trinity vs Ryle or Trinity vs Simin Kenton games were a real disgrace to Northern Kentucky Football, buy surely they have improved since then! Trinity Wins 6-A for sure 2010-11-12
  15. Trinity's defense seemed to have have a hard time stopping Ballard at times. I for one am not sure I like the new defensive allignment, it appears that anyone can run up middle all night and the ROcks can't stop you. The defensive backs seemed to do their best but the Parker kid is for real,and boy can he jump! Where is the short man when we need him, did the fans get him run off? How was a offensive player and coach chosen to coach the Rocks Defense.
  16. We all better remember Coach Glaser does some things a bit differently than most expect. He may think it's a great idea to have a home playoff game against Trinity, especially with the Graveyard being so close to the visitor side, even the dead can't see a game from that side! Trinity would not make this a home game thats for sure, we need to pay the travel expenses for all the road games that will need to be played in the near future. With the new district allignment those four schools will probably have to travel allot to just get games.
  17. Hey Larry, good to know that you finally broke on you silence for this game, I feel the Rocks are in pretty good shape, thanks to your vote of confidence. I would hate it if you ever picked the Rocks to beat anybody, but also that is why it is so much fun to have you on this site! Your the MAN!!
  18. I heard that Calapari and Kentucky is not interested in this kid at all, heard it was on Cal's twitter page. I am not shocked that Louisville is interested he seems to fit Pitino's M.O. The guys beats his kids mother in front of the kid a real classy, guy no matter who picks him up. He should be banned from Collage Sports altogether!!
  19. The Rocks by a bunch, even though Ballard is the best JCPS team out there. Ballard has a great coach who seems to say the right things so that he is not on the other teams bulletin board!
  20. It would be very annoying as a High School Football Fan to constantly have to defent the actions and coaching ability of your coach. I think that all agree the Coach Glaser is a great human being. We may not all agree with his actions on the football field, but he is what he is, and as a Rock fan I am glad that we don't have to spend allot of time defending coach Beatty for his actions, he just wins Baby!.
  21. I wonder what they think that those fans walking around the games with head phones on are listening to, music?. I think that all games should be on the radio if possible.
  22. I am not sure the Rocks will even see the Tigers again this year, the Bruins appear to be pretty strong.
  23. I have heard that many times, he really is a great guy, but the Ky High School Model Football Program has to be the Rocks. Sorry but thats the facts!
  24. The Bears win in a payback from 1969 State Championship game, were talking history fellas. The tigers will still be a bit down and the bears have a good psssing and running game.
  25. Ya gotta love Ol Larry, thanks for keeping us all laughing big guy. I think the Seneca score will be closer that the Tigers vs Rocks game, Seneca has many skilled players and will not run and hide, they will continue to throw the football, unlike Coach Glaser who just wanted the clock to run run run.
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