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  1. Have to Root for Ludlow! I like the panthers 13-7 . Only because Ludlow's offense is sputtering and I expect the defense to pull off a score to help the cause.
  2. Back to the game. This year I get to watch as my son has graduated. This is allot of fun. But I would like to add a comment about a player I've observed last year and then again this year. Logan Carney-pound for pound is one of the tuffest defensive players I've seen. He's quick, covers his man well and will put a stick on you! Ryle although they lost last week learned so much. Coach Warner plans to win every game and should. However, he is playing this schedule to improve the product at Ryle high School for one. IMO, this team will be more ready for conference play and most importantly the ability to compete in the final game in 6A. Even in the loss I see victories within.
  3. Amen! It would take a bunch of money to change his mind at this point. It couldn't have been said any better than Oscar's comment. Is he good? Absolutley! Is he at this point going to warrant a major league salary? Probably not. However, putting a couple years of play behind him will increase his marketability. He will get the best of both by getting his education and bringing his game to the next level while at UK. This IMO will afford him the opportunity to either draw a nice living from baseball or provide him the tools to be a successful young man outside of baseball in the work force. Win..win situation.
  4. Looking at these numbers and what the past trends have been, I would think he's a UK player this fall unless he gets a hefty salary. It's nice to see where these blogs can educate some if not most on how involved the process is, and on the other hand how it could change in a day. Luke will be fine at UK and only build upon his resume. :thumb:
  5. Congrats!! What a great accomplishment! Great kid...two good programs in Beechwood and Campbellsville! Good luck to him at the next level.
  6. I agree with you. But, as most of us are aware the ball starts rolling in our own Region's. Currently, all I've heard is the coaches vote, but not all of them? What?? Some do not respond to call to promote thier own Kids? That's a problem in itself. But more so is the trickle down effect it will cause by not placing a vote for another player from another team. Ultimatley what happens is it allows a smaller group of coaches to vote on numbers and statitics that are skewed. Therefore they can do as they like without retribution. I am not a coach and it's not my responsibility nor any other person other than the coaches themselves to figure out. But, it can use some work because right now it appears a small group of coaches can manipulate the system simply from a lack responses or other coaches feel the system wouldnt change anyway. To that remark I would challenge the coaches who do not vote to do thier part and vote for a player of your own or one you feel has the stats to be an All-Star. All current recipients are good student/Athletes. But....what is the criteria used to determine?
  7. Politics. Heck..Ray Charles could see whats going on! I think the system needs to be revamped. Maybe having a neutral party involved who can look at the stats of each player and review without a personal interest would help? Also, make it mandatory as a KHSAA baseball coach where he or she participates in the voting. Obviously, it has some issues. But, I will say this, my comments are not to take anything away from current All- state / All -star recipients. Congrats to all of them!
  8. I'm a huge RD fan and feel he should have been considered at a minimum of second team. The unknown for us is having his stats and not of those that were chosen. But keep in mind this is a coaches poll and has plenty of room for question. Just in our coaches polls here in NKY players with better stats were snubbed? RD has nothing to prove to anyone in regards to his level of talent. He will do well wherever he goes to school. IMO coaches polls except for the obvious picks like a Luke Maile become clickish. As for RD, it's just a poll taken from coaches throughout the state in which 75% have never seen you play. If they'd had only seen you, the vote would have been different! I wish this kid only the best and wish someday the politics could take a back seat!
  9. I know a player who is on the Senior All-Star Team and his information says the game is at Dixie with the Junior Game at 5pm and the Senior game at 7pm. Hope its not different or he will be at wrong feild! Nothing yet in the paper that I've seen to promote the game?
  10. :isurrender: I like Lex Caths chances. Good team and well coached. Hopefully the weather will hold up so the kids can play ball.
  11. Cooperstown is right on target! The good news for the Maile's is Luke was in the drivers seat thru this whole process. Its was a win win either way for him. He played relaxed all year and didn't let the media get to him. I'm sure his parents had allot to do with this as well. He handled it very well. Best of Luck to him.
  12. IMO. If he doesn't go by the 5th round he should stay at UK. Anything after that will not help his development. From what I experienced in other athletes is that fact that going higher in the draft you dont get the palying time and exposure necessary to develop. The money is not that great either. Luke IMO will do the right thing as he is a very bright young man with an excellent support base at home.
  13. Not bad at all. Outstanding numbers for a team!
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