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  1. Very disapointing loss for the colonels going into the regionals. What happened? Coach Chev Can't be happy with tonights performance.
  2. Final from the Toyota Classic at Scott County. The game was broadbast on IHigh and my opinion is that Dixie didn't get the ball into Hatton's hands enouth. Hatton played the 3 and didn't get enough touches. New Rochelle was not an awesome team by any stretch, Dixie could and should have beat them.
  3. Dixie was not dominating by any stretch until last year and the future looks bright with the new group of talent.
  4. It's tough to beat Dixie on their home court with their recent acquired talent. The last time they lost at home was Feb. 2, 2010 against Holmes. I hope they can keep the streak alive! This is a different team without Pike and Trammel but equally as exiting and should be the favorite to win the 9th.
  5. Faust is a heck of a coach and always has his kids giving 110% no matter the talent. You can never count them out as long as he is head coach. Hatton must of had a heck of a game with 33 points. How did Stansberry and Fox do?
  6. Nice win for the Colonels but closer score than anticipated. The Cru must have played hard!
  7. Three straight losses for the Colonels, what does this do for their psyche going forward?
  8. What a gutsy performance by Stansberry, 27 points with a broken nose!
  9. I believe Dixie's overall point production is down YOY. Last year Dixie really pushed the ball down the floor and scored more in transition, which benefited everyone.
  10. Fox led Dixie scoring at the half with 12 points. I didn't hear any updates after that.
  11. Rough shooting night from the beyond the arc for NCC. If if take away Miller's 3 for 3 they were 0-15.
  12. Does anyone know if Towles and New are playing in this one?
  13. One last thought, it's amazing that Dixe won this game in that 4th overtime with Pike and Stansberry on the bench. You had Hatton, Trammel, Hassel, Muntis (who fouled out midway through), Cohorn and Evans against New Cath's starting five. Could New Cath have survived a full overtime if Geisler and Miller had fouled out? I think it goes to show how good Dixie's guards are and specifically Hatton and Trammel.
  14. Well...while a few posters have commented on the lack lustre performance..they were not the ones who played the day before and then rolled out for 4 OT's the next day on a college court. I will forgive the less than NBA performance and just say both teams deserve recognition.
  15. ^^^^ Well in my opinion I think anyone who got on the floor in that epic battle deserves to be on the Regional All Tournament Team!! Too bad that is not how it works :cry:
  16. Do they consider all 3 games or just the championship game for selection?
  17. I overheard one of the Dixie players saying last night that everytime you are around Frank you walk away with a smile. What a phenominal quality to have.
  18. The winner of Madison Central/Lexington Catholic game, which is tonight.
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