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  1. Hey Honcho glad to see you drinking that Bracken Co. cool aide again was kind of afraid you soured on it after a couple years of Coach Hinson.
  2. I believe you are wrong Sumo he was a freshman last year
  3. Should be an interesting month if Hinson can figure out how to keep this group together they could be as special.
  4. With Hinson return to Augusta and bringing his son what does that mean for the small school? With all their young talent and the returning senior class could be interesting to see how they stack up with the bigger schools again remember 2016!!!
  5. They have at least 4 other gyms just asking with Mason being the host school but not the home school same as with district play shouldn't they practice at one of their other gyms just for fairness shake
  6. Don't want to rain on a great game but just a couple questions, did Mason Co walk on the inbounds can't tell if the ref had it as a spot or if he had the run of the baseline? Also on the radio broadcast Danny Weddle said Mason had a shoot around during the day of the game at the Fieldhouse how should that be allowed when no other team can shoot around at the region gym the day of the game? Great win for Mason and seemed like a gutzy call by Coach Kirk to survive and advance.
  7. It really doesn't matter who is the AD, anyone who knows Augusta sports knows who pulls all the strings at the AD meetings and if you don't think he does you don't know anything about Augusta sports! So drop all the nonsense about what Coach Newton is going to do, no way Augusta vote to seed anytime in the new future!
  8. I believe the best ones for the job has already been mentioned in earlier post. What I can't figure out is why in a school does someone have to be a teacher to be a coach. I have seen some teachers that [coach] who couldn't coach their way out of a locker room and I've seen some coaches who [teach] couldn't teach how to shoot a layup, so why not hire someone who can teach and coach just basketball if that is all they want to do.
  9. The dead man is just thinking why go outside your own backyard? If you hire a young coach say he does well what happens? Leaves for bigger, better job ie Hinson and Kirk,{school thought both were lifers} see how that worked out! Give someone the chance who is vested and not looking to pad their resume and move on. Plenty of talent in the lower grades to develop a program for years to come, just don't make the same mistake and be looking for a new coach in 2 or 3 years. If you do hire from within what is the worst that can happen?{your looking for a new coach in 2 or 3 years} enough said the dead man doesn't talk much.
  10. I think it would be interesting game to watch. But it would be a high scoring game but I would have take UConn in this one. The score would probably be up in the hundreds.
  11. Should be a good game but no Perkins will hurt Mason Co. in this one for sure.
  12. Completely different Campbell County team then when they played earlier in the year at Brooksville. I think the camels take this one by 10.
  13. For Mason County to win this game Ty Fox and Dalton Perkins both have to have good games on the inside. But Mason also has to feed the ball to both of them when their open and let them work down low. Levi also has to play well and keep his head cool and not let the trash taking get to him. But that goes for any of those kids. Hope that it is a good game and I am sure that the field house will be crazy as it always is this time a year.
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