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  1. how does summer ball not mean anything? if you play on a good summer team thats when most scouts go to watch players
  2. Nick would have been a huge help last year at short which would have enabled Andy Franzen to play 2nd. This could have been a very good double play combo.
  3. Thats because he got into a little trouble. I have been watching Nick Shay play baseball for 10 years now and he is without a doubt the best hitter and top talent in the Campbell County area. People that bad mouth him are jealous of his talent period!!!!!!
  4. Region 10 gets actually no respect whatsoever. EJ Murray from Scott and Bobby Estes from Campbell County were in the Junior all state all star game with Maile and Mark Kelly and not one other person from the above list made that game but they are not even worth mentioning. This is insane. Out of the 52 kids that were in the game Estes from Campbell clocked the 2nd best 6o yard time and said had he been wearing turf shoes instead of cleats he would done better.
  5. Murray from Scott Estes from Campbell County
  6. Campbell County will lose every starter on the field to graduation. Matt Coffman will catch and bolster the pitching staff. Bobby Estes hurt his arm during the summer league and may not be able to pitch at all. Ben Franzen will return and be very effective. Look for Coffman to step up and be the ace. The rest of the team will be from the JV team that had a very good year. Ryan Lauer will be the leading hitter as he hit 375 or so this year. The Camels will surprise some teams though. Another big surprise should be Petey Albricht at 6'5 and 220lbs. He hasnt played since his freshman year but absolutely kills the ball in summer league SWOL. Rebuilding year!!!!
  7. I would too, however being selected that high will just about guarantee that he will sign eventually. I have to think he is getting some bad advice from someone if he hasnt signed yet. He would absolutely dominate in college ball from his freshman year on.
  8. I seen him pitch the 7th inning of a game this year and he was low to mid 90,s every pitch of his 3 strike outs. Hardest thrower I have ever seen by far.
  9. Dude if you think Brandon Martin can be duplicated then all I can say to you is wow. As far as hating Harrison County there is another misconception. You need to be realistic about the capabilities of this team. It is ok to want your home town team or high school team to be the best but this years team and next years team isnt even in the same class as your state champion teams. You have a very rich baseball heritage there and that is something to be proud of but using the word hate is about as red as you can get. It is just a game. Nobody and I repeat nobody at or in Campbell County hates anyone because of a kids game.
  10. Harrison will be a very average team without Brandon Martin.
  11. Coach Heringer will be back next year for the 6th year.
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