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  1. I have to say the 14th officiating is interesting. Especially when one of your best wears a belt with their pants, been a long time since I have seen that. In a high school game anyway, I see it all the time in my son's rec league, just not in a regional semifinal game. For all of that complain about the 12th region officiating, bite your tongue.
  2. Unless Colby Long can average 30 next year, the next 1000 point scorer may take a while.
  3. Can anyone give any insight on Ramon Harris' playing time and what BCG must see in him to keep him on the floor so much.
  4. Can someone explain BCG's fascination with Ramon Harris. I do not get it, very average and scared to death to try to make a play. For Kentucky to get back to where we were players like Ramon Harris will have to get out of the way, take your chances with Miller, LIggons, Galloway.
  5. I would take Galloway for Harris anyday. Harris is treated like a valid SEC player, he is far from it.
  6. If Danville wins and Lincoln Beats Boyle tomorrow night that will make Lincoln, Danville and Garrard all 4-2 with their losses being against each other, does anyone know the tiebreaker.
  7. The 12th has 5 or 6 teams who could all compete within the top 25, but I do not think there is a team in the 12th that could compete within the top 10. However, you have to remember that West Jess beat Lex Cath a few weeks back. The 12th Region tournament should be a blast. Other than the 47th each district could put 2 teams into the Regional Tourney that could win it. There will be a team left out of the 45th and the 48th that right now you could make a case for winning the Region.
  8. Lincoln County's Ethan Spurlin scored his 1000th point Tuesday night during their game against Pulaski SW. Congratulations to a great kid and a great player.
  9. Terrible scenario for Lincoln, SW played a box and 1 and Lincoln was content with sticking Spurlin in the lane and letting the others Jack up 3's all night. The few they hit in the first half was fools gold, 3 for 3 looks good in the first quarter 3 for 10 for the game does not. With all that said the game was still in reach midway through the 4th quarter when Lincoln just completely quit, I know that sounds harsh but anyone who was there would have to agree. It was very similiar to the Garrard County game @ Garrard Co. Looking on the bright side, we now know how Lincoln can not beat SW.
  10. For whatever reason Cameron Burgess could not get any clock last year. Did not dress JV and did not play hardly any in Freshman games. I have heard the reason was because of a bad attitude but I honestly never saw it in the kid. Oh, well like someone said LC's loss is definitely Danvilles gain.
  11. Lincoln will not win on pure talent this year, They will have to get much better to repeat.
  12. I would not rule out Jeff Jackson just yet. At least until you hear from him or Somerset that it is not going to happen. Pretty reliable source says that it is still in the works.
  13. Anything shaking on the Somerset Job?
  14. Word I am hearing is that Coach Masten told his team after the game that he is resigning.
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