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  1. A little bit of critisim never hurts anyone. Schwitzier yells at his players to get the best out of him. He wants to see them excel in baseball just like any coach should (cough, cough)!! But, I do agree with you on coach Flo. He has always found away to get his J.V. team to play. He would be a great Hire to be the Camels Varsity coach!
  2. Yes Besecker was the previous coach, and I totally agree Florimonte would be a GREAT coach. I believe that him or Schwitzier would help develope players and maybe even get them to further their career in college which the current coach fails to do.
  3. I kid you not, these things are all true! Ask any of his former players, fans, parents or anyone who has followed the baseball team. The majority of them will back this all up.
  4. If you want specifics, well alright I will give you some. First a coach who takes time off to go play golf instead of having practice is just wrong. Second when practices were very rarley held, the only thing the team did was take batting practice and maybe a little infield if that. He let players sit in the outfield and talk and lay down in the grass without even yelling at them one bit or getting on them. When it comes to the games, his coaching decisions are ones that will make you wonder what in the world is the man thinking. Not only that, but I would be totally shocked if not every team they have played knows the Camels signs. Not only does he make them so obvious, but he only gives them when he wants a player to steal a base or bunt. Other than that he will clap his hand and that is it. Too, Herringer waited until 2 weeks before the season started this year in trying to recieve the baseball pants from the seniors a year ago. There is something wrong with waiting that long. But, The biggest slap in the face though from the coach is last year when he did not have a banquet for the baseball team and showed up at the front door steps to hand the players there stuff and just left. That to me is the biggest slap in the face especially to the seniors who gave him four years of devotion to the Camel Baseball team and help him win another district title. There is your specifics
  5. I've also heard Herringer is retiring from coaching baseball, by his own choice, no forcing here. I would say Flo is the main candidate for the head spot. He's got a very dominating presence and the players love him. Wainscott would also be a solid option.
  6. I have heard this rumor too :deadhorse::notworthy:
  7. Here's the link http://bluegrasspreps.12dt.com/kybbk08/tournament_87200
  8. I sure wouldn't mind:rolleyes: but of course that's only because I'm partial to winning :lol:
  9. Took a look at the bracket and I noticed that Elliot, Shelby Valley, Holmes and LexCath are all on the same side of the bracket? I don't know much about teams around the state but from some of the things said on BGP it seems like these are a few favorites? Would anyone venture to say whoever makes it out of that side should become the eventual winner? Also all but one team in that bracket is ranked in the state, and as for the other bracket there are 5 un-ranked teams. I know its tourney time and the rankings can pretty much be thrown out the window but it seems to me like one side is loaded. Any opinions?
  10. They're offense ain't half bad either. They can play with the best of em on the offensive end. I definitely think that they are a complete team that will bring NKY that long awaited second State Title!!
  11. What was the attendance like? I heard the 9th region had a lot of empty seats a BOK.
  12. Do you think his frequent injuries could hurt him post high school? As in college commitments?
  13. All of the 37th district games had at least a decent crowd of students attend.
  14. Rejoice that your losing talent and the only players that would return experience? Cody Neises is a great shooter and one of the fastest kids you'll ever lay eyes on but no one will ever know that because CC is the black hole, where talent falls in and is never seen again.
  15. Depends on the school I'd say. Some schools could not have the team to go deep in the region so in that case the District championship would be very important to them. But for a team like Holmes, Elliot etc. I don't think it means as much.
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