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Things that you know nothing about


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What are common things that you know absolutely nothing about. I'm talking things where you are actually embarrassed that you have so little knowledge on the subject.


For example...

I couldn't tell you one thing about cars. I can put gas in my car and change my tire, but that is it.


I am also a horrible cook. I literally don't/can't cook anything.


Can't drive manuel. Never tried so I actually don't know if I can, but I highly doubt it.


So what aspects of life do you suck at?????

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I always like to learn new things. I usually try to learn a little bit about things I'm unfamiliar with when I can. With that said I have an inveterate fear of numbers and doing things with them. I poked around on Khan Academy a little bit to try to bump up my knowledge, but lost interest pretty quick.


I'd like to know a lot more about architecture. I bought a book on it, but it ended up being extremely philosophical, which is fine, but I still can't tell you a whole lot about architecture.


I don't know a lot about the "fine arts." I don't know much classical music, for instance. There are a few artists (painters, sculptors, etc.) whose work I like and am familiar with, but I really can't say much about any of the rest of it.

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I have a lot of people who tell me that I know a little something about everything...and I mean a LOT of people tell me that. When I come across something I don't really know much about, I'll generally start researching a little on it as a broad scope...then if I don't find much interest in it, I'll give up on it. That being said, it's honestly kind of tough for me to come up with things that I know "nothing" about.


Oh, and just for the record...I'm pretty much unstoppable at Trivial Pursuit.

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