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West Carter 50 Fairview 44

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Aha!!! I don't have the jinx. Great job West. I don't think that there's any doubt that West is the 2nd best team in the region considering they went into the "Labyrinth" and won. Congratulations to Coach Webb and staff.


:lol: That is a great win for West and Coach Webb. That's a very tough place to play, specially with coach on the floor playing defense as the sixth man.

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:idunno: Collins DNP for Fairview.


Collins is one of the better players in the 16th region. I will hold my vote on who is best when Fairview has a healthy Collins in the lineup. Losing by 6 without your best player is not bad. What if he played and was at 100%??

We don't know--that's why I will defer my vote to later. Not so sure......

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