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Justin Morneau wins 2008 All-Star Homerun Derby


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I must had put the jynx on Hamilton when I said over on the other thread that it was over before it started. :eek:.


Josh Hamilton was the story tonight, no doubt about it. For a short while he made Yankee stadium his.

Like one of the commentators said, he may be a Yankee in a few short years anyway if he keeps playing like he is this season.:D

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As always, the guy who does best in the first round loses.


Hamilton hit more in the first round than anyone else hit overall.


That does seem to work out that way. As for the bolded part, Hamilton had 13 more HR's than the winner.....doesn't really matter but I have always said that a HR derby should be based on who hit the most HR's. JMO

Like I said, not that major of a deal though.


I really like Morneau alot as well and congrats to him :thumb:.

I believe that Josh Hamilton was the story tonight. Overall good HR derby and a great (fun) show for baseball.

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