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2021 King of the Hardwood Contest - Discussion/Updates

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If you didn't enter the contest, come on in. Hope you join us for the next go-round.

You may be in the right place too if you're looking to:

a) Provoke old enemies (Randy Parker).

b) Make new enemies (see above).

c) Form new alliances (e.g. Team Can'tcoach vs. the Parker/mcpapa cabal).

d) Rationalize poor contest selections.

e) As a non-contestant, let these folks know what you think of their picks.

f) Enjoy some tasty schadenfreude.

You may be in the wrong place if you take yourself too seriously.

And scene ...


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For the record, there were 31 contest entries.  Thanks to all of our dauntless competitors.


After day 1 (the first four games), less than a third (ten) move to day 2 with a clean slate; having correctly chosen E'town, GRC, Ballard and BG:


Dear Today

Randy Parker (I know, I just about fell over, too)







4 Quarters



The following contestants are hopelessly out of it as we move on to today's action:

Runcible Owl

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1 hour ago, LethalPG said:

The fighting Josh Cook's and GRC pulled through.  Also, have a lot of love for Aden Sloan's (Their PG) whole family.  

I don’t know Aden or the family.  But he’s what the doctor ordered for Clark this year.  

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23 minutes ago, coachb110 said:

Madison Central sunk any hope I might have had, but I'm going to keep on watching. 

Good deal. As long as you can take a bit of  friendly ribbing, you will fit right in here.  

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