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St. Edward (OH) 40 Elder (OH) 7


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With Elder being down this year, where would they rank in Kentucky's class 6A this season? Who are they comparable to?


A down Elder is 3 - 1 on the season. Calpreps rates them as 42.2, which would put them 4th in Kentucky. They would trail Trinity, CovCath, and St. X.


My first thought for a comparison was Simon Kenton, but my gut tells me that even a down Elder would handle the Pioneers. That 3-0 start by Elder is going to evaporate quickly over the next few weeks. They got bombed out by St. Eds and have St. Ignatius, St. X (Cinci), Moeller, and LaSalle still to come. Depending on how good the team from Georgia is that they play on Oct. 20th, they could lose out.


There's no rest for the weary in Ohio D1 Football.

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