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Dunbar 77 Boyle County 69

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Darius Williams finished with 26 and Taveion Hollingsworth adds 24. Off night for Williams on the offensive end. 10/24 from the field. Much more efficient in the second half for Williams. Hollingsworth the real star for Dunbar tonight.


Dunbar finished with 22 offensive rebounds on the night. Sloppy game.

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It is beyond me how Jeremiah Bell doesn't have any offers. That kid is the real deal for Boyle County. His tempo and pace are outstanding. He controls the flow of the game on the offensive end. Very good player.


He does have offers, just not D1 offers.

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I agree, bell's shot was unbelievable. When he would drive the lane against decent d and just flip.."what just happened" and he just doesnt miss. Very good body control. Its scary to think what he can do when your big man gets bag to create spaces for him. Hagen is really smart and accurate shooter as well.

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Stats from the game.




FG 25/48 52.1% (J. Bell 12/22, Tyler 9/16)

3pt FG 5/15 33.3% (Tyler 1/3, J. Bell 2/7)

FT 14/20 70% (Tyler 5/5)

Reb. 30 (Tyler 10, JBell 6)

Off. Reb. 7 (Hinkle 2)

Def. Reb 23 (Tyler 9)

Asst. 8 (J. Bell 6)

Steals 1

TO 17

Block Shots 1

Pts off TO 0

Bench Scoring 5 (Robbins 5)

2nd chance points 9





FG 25/59 42.4% (Williams 10/24, Hollingsworth 7/15)

3pt FG 2/8 25% (Williams 1/5, Kelley 1/1)

FT 25/35 (Hollingsworth 10/14)

Reb. 38 ( Lewis 9, Ward 8)

Off. Reb 18 (Ward 6)

Def. Reb. 20 (Lewis 7)

Asst. 11 (Hollingsworth & Ward 3)

TO 7

Steals 8

Block Shots 3

Pts off TO 17

Bench Scoring 16

2nd chance pts 14


BC 21 15 14 19 69

Dun 16 21 16 24 77

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Elkins would have made a big difference in the game IMO. Not only rebounding but as a deterrent to Dunbar's players driving to the basket, particularly Williams and Hollingsworth. Williams had a rough first half or he would have had 30+, he got to the rim many times and couldn't finish. I'm not sure if it is related but he had ice on his left knee/shin during the JV game and grimaced while adjusting his knee brace once in the first half. Bell and Tyler both played great for Boyle, particularly Bell getting to the basket with creative finishes.

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