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  1. Wow! Already marked as a win huh? Did you use a pencil just in case?
  2. I the South Warren is 1 and John Hardin is 10.....maybe.
  3. I think Mercer will be fine with a few adjustments. They have a tough one next in Lafayette. I would like to see both those games Saturday but I was TOLD o have to go to a family function instead.
  4. Is this game at Catholic? I may have to come watch this one? I think LC wins by 7 in an exciting game!
  5. I wanna say Ads but I feel like RC wins this in a tight game by grinding the clock and ball possession.
  6. Seriously.......i want them to win because every time I see Pulaski I think of "My boy Blue" from Old School. Joseph Blue Pulaski!!!
  7. Gonna be a long season for Mercer if they continue to run that offense and play cover 1 against those type of athletes.
  8. Congrats Boyle! Great win to start the season!
  9. Sounds like a great time to use a vacation day PP!# Can't miss that game!
  10. NH'S record from last season is extremely deceptive, they had a tough schedule. I'll be curious to see what this team looks like at the end of the year.
  11. Then that should be your prediction with them on the team. Do you think they would start? If so, what position do you think they knock out one of the current starters?
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