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Shhhh. Don't tell Rockmom.


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I took a promotion back at the first of the year. Due to that and a few other circumstances (all my training partners live there) I will be moving to Elizabethtown. I close on my house June 8th and the current owner has 30 days to move. I'm excited but I will DEFINITELY miss Louisville. I really, really, really love living in the Highlands. It's been a fun 4+ years but I feel this is the right move for me right now.


Just remember that whatever you do...don't let rockmom know. :D

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Nope. They actually just started selling beer and package liquor recently. But, with their beer selection they might as well be dry. I've picked up some Shiner Bock and 312 and that's about it...


Well, congratulations on the job! And I won't tell me. :D. Sounds like you have a reason to visit on a pretty regular basis though. :lol:

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