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  1. I forgot one. #20 Peter Fields also was a Raider. He plays receiver and safety.
  2. Ben Owens #32 played for raiders. Ethan Harrison #26 played for raiders Brandon Johnson #75 played for raiders.
  3. Someone said on the radio that someone hacked into Brian Kelly's Twitter and wrote that. Is this true?
  4. I'll take the CATS by 21.:ylsuper:
  5. I'll be there in full force. GO CATS!!!!!:flame:
  6. I haven't seen a thread on this game yet. Any info?
  7. I agree totally but it would be nice to see them back in the big dance.
  8. I'm hoping for the CATS to finally get a big road win. But I still will always pull for Huggs when they are'nt playing UC.
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