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  1. Holy Cross/Todd Clark/EKU (transfer to NKU) Holy Cross/Brian Johnson/Xavier Holmes/Ralph Simpson/UTC William Grant/Kenneth Simpson/Jackson State
  2. No Hendrix on Defense? Way off. Vance (SK) and Lonaker (Cooper) statistically belong on the offense list. Should not make one difference how long a player has started. Lonaker belongs. Jake Chisholm has got the "it" factor. Butler kid (CCH) makes allstar for both sides of the ball. Butler was rarely targeted on offense which is interesting. According to the stats, he had 5 INT's, 3 returned to the house. Who else is doing that on the 1st team? Every time the news was on I would see him doing something. Anxious to get to see him live next year. Kids can not control which class they play in. They can only be judged on their performances. Congrats to the athletes on this list. Does anybody have an idea of who is getting looks and where?
  3. Fraudulent list if Butler not included. Not even debatable. Not even worthy of a comment.
  4. 1. The will must be stronger than the skill. No will from CCH. No passion. 2. Great/Beautiful young men at CCH, not many football players. They have a few but defensively the schemes do not allow for them to work in space. 3. Kids at CCH are cool with being mediocre. 4. I've never seen success from a football program that has to play kids on both sides of the ball. It's science. Body is beat down by the 4th qtr. Show me a program where this works and I'll shut up. 5. As soon as CCH gets out of their own way they will be special. Until then botched kick returns, dropped passes, and a bunch of Cosmic Candy before games are the norm. Yawn.... 6. Let's be honest, CCH is a basketball school. And there is nothing wrong with that.
  5. At this point in the season it has less to do with coaching and more to do with the mental mind state of each team. With the exception of a few different looks on offensive sets, it's all muscle memory at this point. Will and determination are heavy factors moving forward. Those Newport kids from the other night were playing inspired basketball. Strength of schedule, personnel, all that garbage didn't matter. While conditioning did play a role, those Newport kids were dialed in but simply had nothing left in the tank. Read the press exerts from the CCH players that have been interviewed. It's a state of mind for those CCH boys. Collectively they recognize that the sum of parts is much better than individual success. Every one of those boys are sold out. It's not about them, it's about the team. Those boys are ready to role. With all due respect to Coach R, he's got an arsenal of talent, with high IQ players. That makes a tremendous difference. His job is that much easier. Per every Sweet 16 game I've been watching since I was in 6th grade, all games will come down to defensive rebounding and free throws. "Can't wait..."
  6. On so many levels this thread is ridiculous. All of you are old, grown men trolling on this thread to stir the pot and talk about someone's lively hood like he was a professional coach. Shame on you for equating high school athletics to college athletics. I'd kill to have a son coached by Wirth. Wirth is young, passionate, endearing, and has the 2nd best winning % in school history. What a joke. This thread is more about the dillusional alumnus of CCH than it is the kids. Message to the CCH reicht, grow up. Aid in finding solutions and resolutions and stop trolling on social media. If you don't like it send your son to Villa Madonna where they play Cov Latin every year. I'm positive somebody on here drops the ball at work, at home, as a husband. Yet you want to hold him to a different standard when he loses to a superior team. Bottom line is this: there is no rivalry between the Birds and CCH. A rivalry requires winning. Dave Wirth is a winner. System kinks? Yes. Lack of passion? Check. Boring play book? Possibly. All coachable and correctable things. Gross topic. I'm sure these are the same dads that gave a trophy to every kid in soccer or pee wee baseball even though they lost 33-1. Don't blame the coach: it's you that enabled your son. Coach Wirth didn't have 3 turnovers. He put in a game plan that was squashed and not thoroughly executed.
  7. Wrong. Kameron Butler. Frosh for CCH. Received snaps on varsity already against Henderson County. Played the entire game versus Highlands other night.
  8. Had a chance to watch Ethan play this summer in a tournament in Ohio. He did it all. Dribble, shoot, 3 ball. He made me a believer. Funny thing is if you did the eyeball test he's the last kid picked in a lineup. His confidence was amazing.
  9. Tri State Warrior 14u is tops in N Ky, along with Shining Star and Colonels 14u teams: David Roberdeaux Holy Cross Tanner Craddock Conner Ethan Robbins Boone County AJ Plitzuweit Dixie Kameron Butler Cov Cath Luke Thelen Cov Cath Nick Pfriem Roger Bacon Alec Pfriem (8th grade) Nick Thelen (8th grade) Jeremiah Snorton St. Bernard They just won the Louisville Coca Cola Classic 3 weeks ago, lost in the semis of the Kings Island Classic 2 weeks ago.
  10. the Lincoln Grant Gym in Covington was a cracker jack box but legends like Tom Thacker and Oscar Robertson and Kenneth Simpson made their living on this court. What a special place.
  11. Let's be clear here - UC is a program that can offer everything that these two kids are looking for. Championships? check. Players in the NBA? check. Big time conference? check. Close to home? check. There is legacy at UC.
  12. Can anyone fill me in on the AAU scene in N KY? I've heard that the talent pool has gotten even better between grades 5 - 8. The next session is going to start on 11/1 at SOAS in Florence. Any teams or programs to watch out for? Players?
  13. I have been watching the McCleish kid for some time. He is begininng to develop both physically and mentally as a ball player. Nice frame, ability to shoot the mid to long range jump shot. Have yet to see him make a statement with a baseline drive and dunk to let everybody know that he has arrived.
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