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  1. Terry Snoddy, Hump Tanner, and I think the 3rd player was Army Armstrong. That OHS team of 1917 was unbelievable. They would hold several records, but Paducah canceled their game and OHS only played 7 games. To have season records the KHSAA set the number of games at 8 minimum.
  2. The 29 Ashland team is considered by some to be the best team ever! Their scores were unbelievable! Now the Owensboro faithful will tell you it was the 1917 OHS team. They have a picture of them in their locker room. They had 3 players that went on to Centre that played when Centre beat Havard in 1922. Someone needs to put that picture up.
  3. Mayfield also had David Morris at Mercer County, Tim Schlosser at Franklin-Simpson and Steve Lovelace at Christian County. Hopkinsville also Jerry Claiborne (UK) and his brother George who coached at Daviess County. Owensboro High School had Gerald Poynter, Larry Moore (both won state at OHS), Waymond Morris at Daviess County and Bill ??(last name slips me, he called everyone Roy) who coached at Daviess County.
  4. Does anyone know if their high school uses an instant replay system? I know that there is Edge, Echo, Hudl,& Reveal. If there are any using these, what are your thoughts?
  5. I was encouraged and did play 4 sports in high school. Each sport helped me. With the concentration of long seasons and expectations (college scholarship, must win, etc) that people are trying to put on athletes and coaches, that an athlete can't play more than 2 sports these days. I personally believe that spring football, AAU basketball, Fall baseball, middle school state tourneys, 1 day camps, individual wrestling tournaments, Soccer AAU, and so on have all gotten out hand. My parents were more concerned with me growing up with values than notoriety. Parents want their kids to be Great Athletes more than being a great person. Our society has shifted on what is really important. This is just my 2 cents.
  6. I saw a Union County team almost beat a Bowling Green team in the first round. It was the 1st BG team to win State in the mid 90's. UC was 3-8. A 2 pt play with less than 2 minutes decided it for BG. Any team has a chance. If you get beat, so be it. There is no difference is losing by 1 or 50. Losing is losing. I teach our kids to play hard & have fun. Every time we lost, I had to work harder. There is no sin in losing, only sin is if you don't correct what is wrong and try again. So I believe that the extra week is good. While I say that, I believe that on the top two teams should make the playoffs. Either play 11 games regular season or play 10 and start a week later.
  7. I really hate when I see people who try to use stats as a way to justify someone being chosen. The best players don't always have the gaudy stats. It is a TEAM game. Always has been and always will be. There several reasons a player may not have the stats but still be a better player. 1. More talented teams spread the wealth around to diversify their offense to win more games. 2. A player with big stats may be playing weaker competition. 3. Coaching schemes. 4. Assistant Coaches quality and numbers. 5. How many players are on a team (can you 2 platoon or does everyone play both ways). 6. Injuries. My first example. I coached in an all-star game once. A player was selected from a small school. He had rushed for some unbelievable numbers. He was a good player, but was not even close to being in the top 3 backs on the team. Tough kid who was a one man show for his team. I am not putting him down, just saying he wasn't on the same talent level as the best players on the team. His coach had to run him 30 plus times a game. My 2nd example. We played a team one year that had 6 senior D1 players. That included SEC, Big Ten, Big 8, and other conferences. They were very good and diversified. They individual stats weren't unbelievable, but their team was. So please don't use stats as the main measuring stick of who should be on a team.
  8. I have been for a neutral site for years. I have been told in meetings with Mr. Tackett that the AD's are against it. Some reasons have been mentioned previously, but the most interesting he told me was shopping on Black Friday. He said that several people cited that as a reason for not doing it. Personally, I like a neutral site with turf field. We have turf, but when we travel, several schools don't and their field has been terrible. I believe that there are enough small colleges that have turf that schools could find a way to pull off the neutral site. It may not be totally equal distance, but could be less travel from Beechwood to Mayfield. Examples of turf field small colleges are: KWC, Lindsey, Georgetown, Campbellsville, Union and Pikeville. Big Colleges would be UK, UL, Murray St., WKU, EKU, and Morehead St. Another issue Mr. Tackett stated was money. The cost of travel was too much. I don't "buy" this excuse. Every year someone travels and has to pay. I know that if we could play in the semi's every year, WE could find the money to play. I just believe that every kid deserves the best playing surface possible and it is the right thing to do.
  9. Every coaching job I have taken, I have have informed the hiring person that I need a commitment of 2-4 years. What ever length of time we agree on, is how long I commit to that school. If I don't feel like it is a good fit, I will leave after my commitment. They won't need to ask me to leave. I say this because I have seen coaches who apply for every job that opens. They bolt before serving any commitment. If the job is good enough to take, then it should be good enough to fulfill your commitment. Next, I know if you stay at one place too long and don't win a state championship, people get complacent. It is amazing how principals, superintendents, and boosters make things happen for a new coach. The old coach may have asked for the same things but were told they could not do it because blah, blah, blah. If a coach has backed up his agreement of time, then no one should begrudge him for helping his family/career to improve. If a community wants to keep a coach, then do something to make him feel wanted. I know my high school coach was given a truck, his wife a car, and they had a free membership to the country club. This wasn't all done in one year, but it did happen. The people of the community did not want him to leave. There is a reason we have only had 3 coaches in the last 35 years and have had unbelievable success.
  10. First, I personally I don't like Beatty or Petrino. Second, I won't judge Petrino for adultery. A man is only loyal as his options, Quote from Chris Rock. If Faith Hill wanted a date, it would be pretty tempting for me! I just pray I would do the right thing, but I am human. Third, I think the reason most people don't like Petrino is an accumulation of things. He has contradicted himself publicly (lied), sevaral times! Finally, U of L did not hire him for his character, but his coaching ability. It is just the way big time sports are.
  11. First, I don't see why everyone wants to compare football with basketball or any other sport. Basketball and baseball games can be dominated by one athlete, football can't. Football is a team sport that requires several people to be successful each game. A player in basketball can score 70 and carry a team. A pitcher can toss a no hitter. Next, football takes more preparation in schematics. Usually a coach changes plays or defensive calls each down. Basketball doesn't do this consistently. Second, I wish that we would eliminate the bye week and reduce the teams to the top 2. If you take the top 3 and have a bye, I think the bye is a hinderance to the team. I would not want to stop team momentum in high school. Third, if you only take the top 2 teams and cut the bye week, you could start a week later, (heat issues) and finish on thanksgiving weekend. More relatives could make the games. Another bonus is that they athletes would not have to miss school.
  12. O-Line Creed We work the hardest, We are known the least, But we don't care, For WE ARE THE REASON! Don't know who came up with this quote, but Coach Jake Hallum used it often.
  13. Owensboro Kicker Ross Gilliam had a great season for OHS. He broke several records and will kick somewhere in college. I have put a link to what he did at Kohl's Showcase in Atlanta this past weekend. http://sports.espn.go.com/ncaa/recruiting/football/news/story?id=4748320
  14. Trivia question: Who played the 1st football game under artificial lights? Where was it played?:sssh:
  15. I like how people think that coaches get cupcake jobs. I don't think people understand the time coaches put in. I am not talking about x & o's either. I am talking about couseling, getting kids help in academics, tutoring, taking care of facitlities, getting assistant coaches organized, FINDNIG assistants to coach, scheduling, and so much more. People expect a coach to teach a full load, do the extra stuff, and win. Meanwhile the pay is not what you expect in KY. Very few coaches make 10 grand as a head coach but work almost 11 months out of the year. We (KY) have had over 115 new head coaches in the last 3 years. Considering that we only have about 216 football playing schools, that is a very high number. I just don't think we give all the head coaches the help it takes to do their job. So if some schools have "cush" jobs for the head coach, good for them. Also, David Buchanan would be a great hire for Mercer County.
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