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  1. If Crittenden don't win this game, they just don't want it, another turnover by Caldwell.
  2. I don't know about the heated rivalry, Caldwell doesn't look at it as one, but this should be a good game. Caldwell has played 3 good teams, 5a Christian County and was in it til the end and they beat a good 5a Graves County team at Graves and had a chance til the end against A good 4a Hoptown team. The Rockets schedule pales in comparison to the Tigers and the game is in Princeton, Caldwell is without one of their better corners, something they will have to get used to with him. I think Crittenden will have to be able to run the ball to stay in the game, I'll take the Tigers in this one.
  3. This should be an exciting game, Crittenden usually doesn't fare well against Trigg anywhere but this year isn't usually. The game is at Trigg and that's the only thing I can think of that helps Trigg this year, I'm going with Crittenden in a close one.
  4. Christian 9 to 6 late in the game, defensive struggle. Caldwell's offense and kicking game nonexistent.
  5. Didn't Darryl Travis and Bill Scillian play for WKU?, Lyon County.
  6. Dwight Smith-Princeton,Dotson-WKY Greg Smith-Princeton,Dotson and Caldwell County-WKY Michael Fraliex-Caldwell County-WKY Eli Pepper-Caldwell County-Lipscomb
  7. Princeton- Dotson-Dwight smith-WKY Princeton- Dotson and Caldwell County-Greg Smith-WKY Caldwell County-Michael Fraliex-WKY
  8. If County and Hoptown consolidated not many teams would beat them in whatever class they would be in. There is more talent in Christian County than you can shake a stick at, always has been.
  9. Caldwell and Mayfield didn't always play every year, it's been and on and off series over the years, what I posted is just my opinion. I don't expect everyone to agree, just saying.
  10. I didn't see the game but Mayfield's fans are saying the same thing Caldwell County fans say about their games against Mayfield sometimes," we didn't play our a game." They never buy that and now they are saying the same thing, I played and I think it does, Danville is 11 and 1 against Mayfield and it does have something to do with the game in some way. That doesn't mean Danville will win every game but it's playing out in the same sort of way. When a certain team keeps beating you it does something to the way you approach and play the game. Kentucky and Florida for example, although Mayfield is certainly capable of beating Danville, not sure if Kentucky will ever beat Florida again. Each time a team adds to their lopsided win total in a series it DOES work on you and players know of tradition and win streaks.
  11. Looks like what we discussed might hold true, Danville's dominance over Mayfield continues, congrats to both teams for their excellent seasons.
  12. There could be something to that, their record against Danville is is about like Caldwell County's against Mayfield, only about 40 something to 10. Most of Caldwell county's players weren't around or have any memory's of Mayfield's dominance over them either but it still continues, although Caldwell has beaten Mayfield more than any team the last 10 years. Caldwell never seems to play well in most of the games they lose they are blown out when it should be a closer game. We will see, players that love sports make it a point to know about who they are playing and series records, some are bothered by it and some are not I guess.
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