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  1. Matt Brown will do a great job. He knows how to relate to the community,kids, and parents. He is also a class act and it will show with the kids on and off the field. He left Atherton in a much better place then where it was when he took over.
  2. No. Many of the different areas have their own game. This is a fun event for all the players.
  3. How many asst. coaches did he have in the building with him?
  4. Oldham County-Not having to play Trinity, Ballard, Fern Creek,Shelby Co. etc... in the playoffs.
  5. Two great coaches. I know that both teams will be prepared. Expect an exciting game.
  6. Coach Rains is 0-2 against Pikeville in Regional Championship games. Pikeville defeated Hazard in the Regional Finals in 1991 and 1992.
  7. Lexington Christian is much more balanced and athletic than Pikeville. Altough, Pikeville can run the football on the "non-physical" defense of LCA. If the Panthers establish the run and dominate time of possession, they have a shot. If not, it may be a long drive east on the Mountain Parkway.
  8. A 8 game turnaround (if they win out). That is a BIG diffference. That has to be one of the biggest turnarounds in the history of the state. I know that he brought some new guys onto his staff this including Beno Chappell, Will Jones, and Tom Grace to name a few. Beno does such a wonderful job in the weightroom/conditioning and is calling defense this year. He is a great coach. Jones and Grace are also great coaches who gets the kids to play their best every week.
  9. Way to go Matt Brown. I know that many people would not have the guts or ability to make Atherton football into something the kids could be proud of. I know making the playoffs for the first time is just a baby step for the program.
  10. Highlands will win b/c of the trenches and Coaching.
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