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  1. ^ yes sir... its all fun and games until someone breaks out the #'s. Tubby earned all of those numbers. For those who defend him... its just like if we get a D- on a school paper... we earned it. The teacher didn't give it to us. Tubby controlled his own destiny at UK. The one number I forgot to put in is that he was one of the HIGHEST paid coaches at at UK as well, for often lack luster seasons. If pay 30K for a Lexus, it better not have the features of a Hyaundai.
  2. I had a CovCath kid do it to me years ago.. it happens more than you think. Ever happen to you RP?
  3. I dont like them giving it to a rookie. I dont think they should.
  4. He was disciplined when White abused him on the last run of the game.
  5. You might be right but its hard to judge with his injury. Lets judge him the back half of the year and make a decision.
  6. Go back and watch the game today and tell me how much room he had to work with. At least be fair thats all im saying.
  7. You mean the stats that Tubby lovers dont wanna read about.... The numbers dont lie...
  8. Your friend OR never agreed with me. Maybe he is seeing the light now. He is the real deal. Thats why they wont cut him... with Chad and TJ approaching early 30's.
  9. No offense ive never seen you play... but Rudi had nowhere to go today. Combination of poor blocking from our injured/back up O Line and a nice job by the Ravens front.
  10. I think the Ravens are collapsing.....well its kinda obvious. Age is catching up on both sides of the ball.
  11. How long have I said Henry is the most talented receiver... If this kid could keep his head on straight he is pro bowl materail each year.
  12. Won/Loss record: Probation - 36-20 (64.29%) Past 2 yrs - 38-20 (65.52%) SEC record: Probation - 24-12 (66.67%) Past 2 yrs - 17-13 (56.67%) Wins against ranked opponents: Probation - 5-6 (45.45%) Past 2 yrs - 3-12 (20.00%) --Outside of probation, this will mark the first time we have finished back to back seasons unranked since 1959-1961 (46 years). --Already the most losses over a two year period (outside of probation era) in the history of our school. Keeping these in mind, which way would a trend line point, up or down? Percentage of games ranked in top 5: Tubby 16% Pitino 59% (53% if you include probation year) Number of games in top 5: Tubby in 326 games ranked 54 games in top 5 Pitino in 269 games ranked 142 games in top 5 Number of Home losses: Tubby 19 Pitino 5 (7 if you include probation year) 10+ loss seasons: Tubby 4 (in 7 years - soon to be 5 in 8 ) Pitino 0 (1 if you include the probation year) Average number of losses per year: Tubby 7.9 (about to push that up over 8 ) Pitino 4.8(throwing out the 1st year) Games played as #1 ranking: Pitino 10 Tubby 4 Games played as #2 ranking: Pitino 44 Tubby 14 Games played as #3 ranking: Pitino 33 Tubby 10 Games played as #4 ranking: Pitino 18 Tubby 15 Games played as #5 ranking: Pitino 37 Tubby 11 Total games with top 5 ranking: Pitino 142 Tubby 54 Team Turmoils: Tubby 2 Pitino 0 Transfers out of the Program: Tubby 14 Pitino 7 NBA 1st round draft picks: Tubby 2 Pitino 10 Rick Pitino's 1st year 14-14 probation team averaged more than 10 ppg than ANY Tubby Smith team except 2. It averaged 8.9 ppg more than those 2 teams. Rick Pitino - Points per Game 1989-90 88.82 1990-91 85.89 1991-92 85.72 1992-93 87.50 1993-94 86.88 1994-95 87.39 1995-96 91.44 1996-97 83.13 Tubby Smith takes over 1997-98 80.08 1998-99 75.41 1999-00 69.09 2000-01 79.79 2001-02 76.88 2002-03 77.28 2003-04 73.91 2004-05 73.62 2005-06 70.77 2006-07 72.32 Final Fours Pitino 5 (3 at Kentucky) Tubby 1 Championship games Pitino 2 Tubby 1 NCAA tournament Pitino 22-5 (.783) (at Kentucky) Tubby is 23-8 (.663) (at Kentucky) *Pitino beat 11 teams seeded 5th or higher in 6 NCAA Tournaments. *Tubby has beaten 4 teams seeded 5th or higher in 9 NCAA Tournaments. *Tubby has beaten just one team seeded 5th or higher since his first season at Kentucky. * fall, 2003 - top PFs begin picking other schools over UK as UK has the PF spot wide open. PFs who end up not picking UK in this recruiting cycle are Hansbrough, Echefu, Leo "Cry me a river" Criswell, Barber, Brown, and many others. All of these players had UK on their top spot at one point or another but UK failed to bring all of them in. * winter, 2005 - Joe Crawford tries to leave team but UK refuses to grant him his release. * spring, 2005 - Kalenna Azubuike, after Smith says that he will not hire an agent, does exactly that four days later (he is not drafted). * spring, 2005 - Randolph Morris refuses to call Smith as he enters the draft (he is not drafted). His parents cite the fact that Tubby did not develop their son properly. * fall, 2005 - with the PF spot wide open for the second straight year of recruiting, Brandan Wright, Thadd Young, Deon Thompson, Kevin Durant and others all pick other schools with top PF talent already in place (with the exception of G-Tech and Young). * winter, 2005 - Ramel Bradley seems hesitant to say whether he is content at UK. * winter, 2005 - Rajon Rondo is rumored to be at odds with Smith and his team as he says, "There's some egos." * Feb. 2006 - a player that nobody had in their Top 150 recruits (who was given a scholarship very early by Tubby) transfers from UK - Adam Williams. * May 2006, JUCO transfer Simms leaves UK after one year. * Summer 2006. Tyrone Nash. A player that was being recruited by the likes of Seton Hall before UK stepped in and offered a scholarship. Nash responds "thanks, but no thanks UK I think I'll go to prep school for a year and get a better offer after that". Obviously not his exact words but why else would he turn down a scholarship from UK to go to a prep school??? also, some of Smith's best players picked UK after their preferred schools screwed them. Prince loved UCLA but the Bruins screwed his older brother. Rondo loved Louisville but Sebastian Telfair was there. Hayes wanted Kansas and Roy Williams but Kansas put him on hold for Josh Childress. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kentucky is 1-7 vs. teams ranked in the AP top 10 when they played them over the last three years. The only win was over a #4 Louisville team in 2005 that eventually failed to make the NCAA tournament. In contrast Kentucky was 8-3 vs. top 10 teams during the first two years that Tubby was the coach in 1997-98 and 98-99. (0-2 in 2004-05, 1-2 in 2005-06, 0-3 in 2006-07). Kentucky is 8-15 vs. top 25 AP ranked opponents over the past three seasons including 0-6 this season. (4-3 in 2004-05, 4-6 in 2005-06, 0-6 in 2006-07). Kentucky is 1-6 vs. teams ranked in the AP top 20 in the NCAA tournament since the championship season of 1997-98. Again in contrast, Kentucky beat 4 top 20 teams to win the championship in 1998. 7 out of 12 of Tubby's top 30-ranked recruits (Carruth, Parker, Stone, Allison, Crawford, Morris, and Azubuike) he has brought to Lexington have A. Openly questioned the program. B. Ignored Smith's advice to skip the draft even to the point of not being selected. C. attempted to transfer. OR..... D. transferred outright.
  13. Thats a valid argument, I guess you hope they draft a few in later rounds and sign some in free agency.
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