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  1. Malachi Maxwell is graduating from EKU, and he did attend Madison Southern so maybe they did.
  2. Zac McGuire from Madison Southern will be playing for EKU. Just decided about 3-4 wks ago.
  3. Is Logan Bunch, QB, playing college ball anywhere?
  4. Did he make a football official visit or academic visit?? How does this preferred walkon usually work? Do the coaches just call the player up and offer a walkon status or does the player call the coach and ask if they can walkon?
  5. So EKU doesn't have tryouts anymore? So if a player is interested in walking on the team, what does he need to do and when? Does EKU take many walkons?
  6. What about Alex Mathews QB from Shelby Co, I heard he had an offer from Georgetown. Anyone know if he signed with them or where else he might be going?
  7. I know he played QB but did he play linebacker at all in high school??
  8. I think they will have very few players in number and in talent.
  9. Partially.You have to have receivers that can catch the ball. Southern successfully ran the Franklin system the previous year but then graduated 5 guys that made great receivers....just needed to catch. Those guys were missed this year. Also no running back at all.
  10. So he's not going as QB...who has Murray recruited at QB?
  11. Are you talking about Coach Cronin as a possible applicant for the EKU coaching position, like when Hope applied?
  12. This article makes is sound very likely he is leaving. It's all over Purdue forums as well.I wonder if he has talked to his coaches and team at EKU?
  13. He was a QB and Defensive End at Madison Central, I think anyway.
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