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  1. I guess a lot of people don't understand that Collins are the Titans as well?
  2. With that win Collins finished 4-0 in 4A district 3. Should face Doss, Moore or Valley whom are in a three way tie for 2, 3, and 4.
  3. Western is 1, Doss is 2 (they beat both Valley and Moore), Valley is 3 (they beat Moore heads up) and Moore is 4. Fairdale is out.
  4. Collins 24 North Oldham 22. Collins stopped NO on a 4 and 2 on Collins' 24 with 1:12 to go. Ran out the clock! It was a great game!
  5. Too bad you all were too scared to schedule the Titans!
  6. He's doing well, a little whip lash and a very mild concussion.
  7. The sole Trinity kid that played was the center Matt Flynn (sp?). He was added late due to the fact that GL didn't have a center who could shotgun snap.
  8. Collins has a brand new state of the art turf field.
  9. Collins doesnt have any D-1 signees but it didn't stop them from beating FC 38-14.
  10. A lot of bitterness is brewing on the SC side, the kids have nothing to loose and the adults want to prove the "Old Way" is the way to go. Should make for a great slobber knocker!
  11. WH is going to have thier speed matched if not exceeded for the first time this year, however, I do think that Hills can pull out the win. Ill say Hills by 1 td.
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