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  1. Russell, with the players that they have coming back plus some that they have moving back into the area.
  2. This is a good thing to do for a GREAT Coach and person!! :thumb:
  3. Congrats Coach and good luck to you and the team the rest of the way!!
  4. Same here Painter it was alot of fun working with you!! :thumb: see ya in August! :thumb:
  5. Ashland has alot of good receivers coming up that have good hands and can do something with the ball after they catch it! just to name a few, Justin Castle, Kevin Burns, Adam Johnson all three could become top notch receivers. :thumb:
  6. I agree IronCat! You and Me see alot of things alike. :eek:
  7. I agree we need to get the ball in Drew's hands at least 20 times a game, for him to become the playmaker that he can be! :thumb:
  8. I would place all three of them as being some of the best that ever played in this area :thumb:
  9. :thumb: I agree Graybeard! Marc left his mark on the Ivy in a big way! he set new records and he graduated with 3 degrees!
  10. I think that you will see Ashland running more than passing next season. :thumb:
  11. This is all true, but the QB is the coach on the field and has to have the respect and trust of his team-mates and Drew has all of this!
  12. How about Angel? and next year you will see Drew being a game breaker at QB, his true calling! :thumb:
  13. :thumb: This is a good deal to move the season up,to avoid some of the heat! another ideal would be to leave things the way they are,but just take two teams from each district to the playoffs, this would cut one week off!
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