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  1. I would take Grim due to his speed. These 2 are alot alike but the speed from Grim puts him ahead. He is the best back I have seen since Beach.
  2. Who would you take between these 2 backs?
  3. I like all these picks. The only thing that I would change is that I would put Ashland 1990's defense on there.
  4. I have just found out that Coach Hart has the trophy that was sent to him sitting on his desk right now. He has told to kids that it was for the district as for motivation.
  5. It isnt any different than JC having a sign that says " it was good" refering to the field goal last year.
  6. Find me at the game. I have one of these shirts and if a person wearing a t- shirt upsets Coach Hart then I hope everyone on Ashland's team wears one. We need emotion to win.
  7. Some teams are happy with the region championship and thats fine for them. You have to set your expectations high and suceed.
  8. I think that they were scared to play us....... :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  9. So that means that they were 1 week closer to winning the state championship than Ashland. I think that if your goal is to make it to the Sweet 16 then your goals are alittle messed up because its alot about the championship ( which Ashland hasnt one one in years). :fight: :fight:
  10. As for offense, Ashland ran one - Russell didnt . It was more like watching streetball.
  11. I think that McDavid is the best in the region. Just because people transfer and play AAU all year around to get exposure doesnt make them the best player. I would say that everyone of you guys will think that I am crazy but I will take a kid that produces 20 points and 10 rebounds a night - every night- than a kid that my score 30 points one night and 12 the next.
  12. I am very shocked about Vanhoose. Hes not the best player in his region!!!
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