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  1. I was just wandering if Russell even played this week. Is there not a thread for their game?
  2. With this offense we must sell the fullback and the way to do that is to get good carries from that position. If that happens we are on our way to great option football.
  3. I will go with Belfry in a close one. Belfry 35 Russell 32
  4. No doubt about it. When you beat a Northern KY school people will notice it.
  5. And just when I thought about showing my support to Johnson Central :irked:
  6. Let's hope so. I will keep my prediction that Ashland will not be rolled over as some would have us believe. In fact I think we can play smash mouth with just about anyone. The two linebackers are the only ones I see that are physical. With that being said BRING IT ON!!!!!
  7. How bout them Tomcats? Beat Johnson Central. And lets keep this thread open.
  8. Yes & I would like to see some local election results.
  9. I agree 100% Hated the drive after the game when we played on Mason's home field.
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