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  1. It's sort of like when Greenup County was in a four team district back in 1992 with an 0-10 record.
  2. I believe that is Correct. LexCath would get the Semi-Final Game. If any of the 8 teams in our playoff bracket get to the semi-final game, they will host. No matter who it is.
  3. Think again, I believe this is a non travel year for the Higher Seed Nky team. Highlands pretty much put themselves in the driver seat winning last Sat in Park Hills. Providing Highlands takes care of business the next two weeks, Bob Sphire will finally get his chance to coach at storied David Cecil Memorial :thumb:
  4. And Highlands must get past W Jess as well. One and done fellas, you must play each game like it's you last game. Work hard and take care of business!!
  5. I was standing about 25 feet away, and my hands went directly to my head hoping both kids would get up quickly!!!!! Couldn't believe that there could be that kind of impact in High School and nobody got hurt. Both players jumped up and started back to there respectful sidelines. It just the DeSales kid thought it was a home game. I could hear #11 from Highlands saying (Volkeswagen) while running off the field. Watch happy gilmore and you will know what i'm talking about. If someone were able to patch that clip of the game online would be a hero. It is definately worth it. :ylsuper: Maybe Stickymitts can get something done
  6. I'm surprised you can see that far. According to my sources that's why you haven't bagged the big one
  7. You heard right!!!! There is a kid form Villa Hills on the Highlands Freshman Team this year. He has also been participating in the Ft Thomas Jr. league since the fifth grade. Where do you think he should of went CCH He also was a front runner for an acedemic scholarship to attend CCH but declined to go to Highlands. Before any CCH posters start freaking out about CCH not giving acedemic scholarships, then why would i be making this up. His father went to Highlands and his mother went to Notre Dame. His boys are being raised to play at their dads alma mater and that is all there is to it.
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